Monday, August 21, 2017

Tips To Do While Repair Concrete Driveway On Your Own

Daisy is here to give out some DIY tips on repairing your own concrete driveways. These expenses can be costly so maybe a little DIY is what you need.

It is a boon to have a concrete driveway or path owing to lots of advantages. However, there are instances when the same gets chipped and damaged. This can happen because of various reasons. Nevertheless, it is important to repair concrete driveway rather than waiting. Too much of waiting and the damage could be intense, thus requiring for a complete replacement of the same.

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Repair Concrete Driveway

Here are some steps to do to the same on your own-

Cleaning the affected zone

One of the first steps that you should take prior to fixing or repairing the concrete is cleaning the area. If there were a lot of chips and dirt particles accumulated in the holes, then it would continue to wreck underneath. In the long run, the repairs would wear out faster, so you will need more frequent replacement. The process of cleaning the damaged area to repair concrete driveway is not different. For the smaller cracks, you should rinse the space with water. You can use a gush water pipe here too. Else, just take a steel scrub brush. This will help in getting rid of the smaller particles like stones and pebbles. Alternatively, a vacuum is a sensible option, as it takes away the dust from the space too.

Applying your chosen repair

The next step to repair concrete driveway is to get a quality mortar repair. There are many brands available in the market that provides you with the same. You should get something that is durable and ensures quality. The mortar repair can be taken in a caulking tube. Doing so helps in tackling even the smallest of the cracks, which otherwise would cause deeper dents in the concrete. So, just take the tube and push the paste into the holes and the cracks. Take your time doing this. What happens here is that the paste helps in sealing the lines and cracks completely. In addition, using the tip of the tube, you will be able to push the sealant well into the cracks. Just smoothen the edges using the tip to get a better finish. Avoid using the fingers and if you do, then wash your hands properly.

Mixing the patching materials

Post this process, you have to prepare the materials for fixing the patches. This is essential to repair concrete driveway cracks that are bigger. There could be holes in the cracks too, which cannot be fixed with just a sealant. There is no rocket science involved here in this procedure. Just visit a regular hardware store and ask for concrete patch mixing materials. Take the same in desired quantities as suggested by the experts or instructions on the packet.

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Repair Concrete Driveway

Patching the holes

Next, you have to patch the holes. This helps in filling in the missing segments of the concrete from long term damage. The concrete repair would require either a pointing trowel or a similar device. Just take patch mix and follow the instructions. The paste should be smooth or else it will not fill the gaps properly. When handling the edges of the pool or similar areas, you have to be careful that it does not fall into the pool.

Sealing the crack or dent

The last step of the concrete repair is sealing the dent. This is also critical so that the water or other similar fluids do not enter the spot again. Else, the damage just gets worse with time.

So, go ahead and fix the concrete problems of your home on your own. Do remember to make sure that you follow these steps properly and make the most out of DIY concrete repair.

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