Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fast and Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Room

If your living room needs freshening up, but you are on a tight budget, do not worry. There are plenty of affordable ways to give this part of your home a fresh look.
There are plenty of options that are quick, easy and won’t cost you the world. Here are my top tips on freshening up your living room...
No need to buy a new living room suite
If your suite is looking a bit tired just buy a couple of sofa throws. They do not usually cost a lot and they have the potential to fit any size suite.
New flooring
One of the most important elements of any room is the flooring. If your carpet is looking a little worn try deep cleaning it. You will be surprised by how much doing this helps. Another alternative is to buy a few rugs to cover up the worst of the marks. You can usually pick these up at markets, garage sales and charity shops.
If your flooring cannot be brightened up in this way consider laying a new one. You will be pleasantly surprised at how cheap laminate flooring is. It is not hard to lay and, once you get going, goes down fast. If it turns out you are good at it, you could even potentially earn some extra money doing it for other people.
Update your soft furnishings
Changing your soft furnishings is a good way to brighten up any space. There are lots of ways to do this. For example, you could wait for the sales and go out to buy what you need.
However, you do not necessarily need to buy new things to create a fresh look. If you are good at crafts you could potentially update what you already own perhaps by beading your cushions, making new curtain ties and a new runner for your coffee table. Even if you are not that good at crafts you can still update what you own. It does not take much skill to iron a transfer onto a cushion or use a washing machine dye to change the colour of your sofa covers or cushions.
Some new artwork
What you put on your walls has a big impact on how your room looks. Re-painting usually does not cost much, but moving all of your furniture and protecting it all is a bit of a hassle. If you do not want to do this you could always use artwork or photos to freshen up your room. A photo mural is a really easy way to create something unique to hang on your wall.
Change the colour palette

Whatever approach you decide to take it is important to have a good idea of how colour works. A room that is decorated in the right mix of shades and tones will always look better than one where everything clashes. This article will help you to understand how to choose the right colours for any part of your home.

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