Friday, September 15, 2017

How to select the best Awnings for your home

Oliva Wilson is sharing some fun tips on how to choose the correct awning for you outdoor space and home. Thanks for the tips Oliva.
Choosing an awning for your business or your home can be one of the most sensible decisions you make. These are considered as having a shade at your finger tips. Enjoy the outdoors even in the summer with the apt awning chosen. You have a choice between the motorized awnings and the manual awning, opting for the one which fits your requirement is convenient. Go through their different benefits to ensure you choose a specific awning for the right reason. There are different types of awnings available and having some information on these can help you make an apt choice.


Different Types of Awnings:
Portable Awning:
Freestanding ad transportable, these portable awnings are specifically built keeping the convenience factor in mind. They can also be moved so that they follow the trajectory of the rising and setting sun.

Stationery Awnings:
Look for sturdiness and durability when you opt for the stationery awnings. The only care you require is making sure these are installed by a professional as installation needs to be done in the right manner. Awnings on the exterior are exposed to strong winds and snow.

Motorized Awnings:
Most convenient of awnings, these motorized are controlled by a remote and use electric mechanism for the rolling. For additional benefit you can opt for the ones which are available with a sensor. They help in monitoring the weather. They are activated when it is sunny and tend to retract in cool weather. You require an electrician for the installation of these awnings.

Retractable Awning:
When not in use these awnings can be folded, providing sturdiness which is similar to the stationery awnings.

Factors to consider before choosing awnings:

Before shopping for the required awning, you need to go through some factors. These factors can help you in making the right choice.  

  • Patterns:
Patterns chosen should be proportionate to the size of the structure. With a large expanse of fabric small prints tend to look out of place.

  • Energy Efficient:
In case you are looking for reducing the heat, it is essential to look for light shades as these tend to reflect the sunlight. These can prevent the windows getting heated.

  • Binding:
Coordinating trims and colors with the exteriors is an ideal way to make a choice of these awnings. Colors chosen should be complementing the exterior of your home.


Reasons for Opting Awnings:

Awnings work out essential for most homes. This is due to multiple reasons.

  • Your windows are well protected from the harsh weather conditions. Most windows and panes are made of wood, which tends to get affected by changes in weather.

  • Furniture in the deck or patio is protected from elements. The wear and tear is much slower when you make a decision of opting for awnings.

  • Rain or sunshine, you can now keep your windows open and let all the required fresh air inside your home.

Manufacturers of Awnings:

Take your tie and look for a reputed manufacturer who has been in this business for a long time. This can ensure you are offered the different options available in awnings. You can pick and choose an aluminum awning or the one made of fabric. You need to be aware that choosing an aluminum awning you are spared of too much maintenance. Traditional awnings with closed sides work out an ideal choice for most homes or businesses.

You can conduct an online search if you are not too sure of the manufacturer. Going through the reviews and ratings gives you a fair idea of their products and services. You also get a clear picture of the different prices in awnings.


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