Saturday, October 28, 2017

Stepwise method for a DIY gate frames installation

Ashley Kinsela has some fun ideas on adding a twist to your home. Gate frames add a nice and unique touch and she shares the best way to get that installed. Thanks for the great article Ashley

When you have a huge yard in front of your home with a fencing, the only entrance is the fence gate. These fence gates tend to be used so frequently that their durability may be compromised with constant usage. A fence gate is what gives outsiders access to enter home premises. So, having to compromise with its durability is not a good idea. One needs a strong fence gate. This is where the role of gate frames come in. Gate frame is a metal framing enclosing the gate holding it together against high impacts. Many people prefer getting the gate frames professionally installed. But if you are a person who likes to roll up your sleeves and get down to work, you may like the idea of DIY gate frames. You may save the costs of hiring professionals when you take up a DIY gate frames installation project. If you are wondering the how-to-do of a DIY gate frames installation project, wonder no more. Here I give you a stepwise method to guide you through the process of installing gate frames. The process is extremely simple if you are good with tools. Even if you are not, a DIY gate frame installation project can be your starter as the project does not need much of skillful work.
DIY Gate Frames

Here are the steps that can guide you through the DIY gate frames installation project:

#1. Collect all the tools and materials: This is the basic step. You can hire tools from a hardware shop if you do not own them. Take the required measurements of the gate and choose the type of material you want. You will need tools like a level, a drill and drill bits, a measuring tape, a circular saw, a marking pencil, ratchets with sockets for fixing bolts, hammer, screwdriver, nuts, and bolts. In materials, you will first need to choose what type of metal you need for the framing. After deciding that, you can buy that fabricated metal from a hardware shop.
#2. Lay it all out and put it all together: You have the fabricated metal frame in parts with you. So, you need to lay out all the parts and measure them to check if they fit the gate perfectly. If it does not, you have to cut out the excess metal with a cutting saw and ensure that it is a perfect size. Once you have done this, you can now bring all the pieces together and fix them firmly with each other enclosing the fence gate like a frame. You can make necessary cuts here and there to make the frame fit perfectly. Fix all the parts with nuts and bolts. It is extremely important to ensure the bolts are firmly fitted. Double check and keep turning until the nuts stop turning completely either way.
DIY Gate Frames
#3. Affixing the gate with frames: Once you have fixed the frames securely over the fence gate, you DIY gate frame installation job is not over. You still need to fix the gate and hang it back to its pole. You will need to use metallic hinges and bolts for this. This job is a bit tricky as you need to take care the holes you make for the bolts on the pole and the gate should coincide to be fitted perfectly well. You need to first position the gate just the way you need it to be fixed and then mark the spots where holes are to be drilled. The complete weight of the gate is to be leveraged on the hinges. So, you need to space and position them properly.

After these 3 steps, all that is left for the completion of your DIY gate frames installation project is to fix the bolts in the hinges.

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