Thursday, November 9, 2017

Best Dine for The Best Day - Choose the Perfect Wedding Catering

Amelie Lawrence is sharing her ideas on how to choose a caterer for your BIG DAY. Wedding season is in full bloom, make the best decisions for your wedding!

Nowadays, Food catering services are hired the most when people plan for any occasion. Be it Wedding receptions, Birthday party or anniversary, we look out for professional catering services to cook food and Wedding being the most auspicious occasion in people’s life, it needs to be arranged in a grand manner. Wedding receptions and Marriage functions leaves a lot of good memories and food is one important part of the wedding reception, which needs to be the best. Wedding caterers for the weddings also saves a lot of time and play a vital role in creating the best menu ideal for the occasion. Choosing the perfect wedding catering is sometimes made a hard task but this article will surely give your ideas to reach for the best catering.


For a Happy Dining,

The dining is one thing that makes a Wedding special and people remember the food better than any other wedding events. The food served during the celebration should be special and be more than just a meal. The wedding catering which we hire should understand our needs and must ask suggestions about the food menu.

  • On deciding the food menu, the catering team must consider making the dish suit the wedding theme, wedding customs and tradition and also the number of guests arriving for the occasion.

  • We can ask the wedding catering service to cook and present us the sample food so that we can have a better taste experience of the dish that is going to be served on the day of wedding. It also gives us the liberty to alter the food menu.

  • The cost per plate can vary for various food menu. In Fact, we can plan on the catering budget as well during the course. Also make sure to talk about the overall wedding catering price before making the commitment.

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  • The demand for wedding catering is more and hence we can find plenty of choice available. It is better to discuss with about four to five caterings and after comparing the offered quotation we can make our decision.

  • Also, multiple bookings on the day of the wedding by the hired catering should be asked as they might have many booked events which shouldn’t affect our wedding function.

  • The wedding catering team should personally involve themselves in the occasion and they should keep up the promised catering arrangements.

  • We should ask about the place from where the all the cooking ingredients are purchased which basically tells more about the catering. If the catering service lists natural farms to buy their cooking vegetables and ingredients, it’s more of added value to get the natural products. Also, the method of cooking which will be followed on the wedding day needs to be discussed prior to the contract.

  • On the day of wedding, we will be busy in enjoying the wedding occasion with our dear and near. So, catering staffs will be helpful in organizing and arranging the tables for dining.    

  • Weddings are made colorful with Wines and drinks. The availability of drinks should be checked with the catering and planned according to the budget. The wedding catering, we are hiring must have good reputation in the business and we could ask for their work with previous clients. We could also check the testimonials and reviews left in their websites by earlier customers.

Choosing a Wedding Catering can never be hard task if we could do the above check boxes right. Get the best wedding catering to make the wedding moments most memorable.

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  1. Wow, I am now craving for the party food. It was just so nice post to read through. Thanks a lot for the details. I also would be attending a grand wedding in next week at the local Seattle Wedding venues and there will be yummy Thai food. Just can’t wait for it!