Monday, November 6, 2017

How to Make Small Flat Comfortable for Both You and Your Cat?

Leila is here to share some cute ideas on how to maximize and make your space fit both you and your Cat. These are some cute ideas with a bit of safety thrown in.

Cats are playful creatures and they like to have enough space to be a little bit crazy and a lot adorable. But not all of us can afford more than a small flat. This is especially hard for owners who move to smaller spaces after raising their cat in bigger ones. Apartments are boring to cats anyway so the smaller ones are quite a challenge for a feline friend who likes to roam in the night and is always hungry. Make no mistake, cats are the low maintenance pets but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need daily entertainment to keep them active.

They love high places

Cats are natural climbers and just adore going to any height your apartment has to offer. So, unless you want to say goodbye to your curtains or have one really frustrated furry friend in your home, make sure that they have enough points to jump to. If you can’t afford any of the offered assortment of cat furniture, choose some simple shelves and position them so that your cat can jump from one to another. You can even let them climb to the ceiling. Don’t put anything on top of the refrigerator since that’s the perfect place to observe you while you cook.

Clear out the window sills

If only cats could tell you gossips they collect on their daily entertainment of watching the world through the window. This is something they enjoy immensely so clean the mess and create a comfortable place for them to settle down. Even if you have narrow window sills you can still provide this entertaining time for your pet with some additions specifically designed for this purposes. Place a blanket or something just as warm in the winter months so that your cat can cosy up and enjoy the view at this colder season, too.

Not all plants are cat-friendly

Plant life in your home matters since some can be poisonous and some can be useless to your cat and the perfect tool to shred and play with. Having a small apartment is already tricky for arranging the furniture and plants can complicate the space a bit. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is always a perfect choice for cat owners but don't expect your cat to keep their paws off it. There are some really interesting ways to do some DIY projects for creating a green bed for your cat made of grass. This will make quite a gift for your cat since they can sprawl and have a nap.

Help their scratching habit

Scratching is not something cats do out of spite or because they're neglected. They need this habit so their nails would be healthy and to mark their territory by living a scent. To prevent your pet from destroying your furniture, have several scratching points in the apartment. Specifically designed posts for this purpose come in various shapes and forms, and you can even buy some to hang on doorknobs. You can also turn this into a DIY project and create your own scratcher especially if you have to fit it specifically in your small apartment.  

Declutter your apartment

Cats can jump everywhere and have a very curious nature. They also moult, so you’ll have to collect the hairs from furniture and clothes sometimes on daily basis, depending on the season. So make it easier on yourself and rent boxes for moving and relocation so you can take the excess stuff to your family or friends for safekeeping. This way you will also create a clear and safe environment for a cat to jump and play without damaging anything. A cluttered home can also be a source of injury for the cat and even have some serious consequences, like something falling on top of your pet and pinning them down.  

Toys, toys and more toys

Cats play all the time. If you don't provide the toys, they'll find something to consider just as interesting like your scarf, shoelaces or dress. So before they start shredding your clothes, buy them some of the usual variety like a mouse with catnip filling, rope or the popular game that gives them treats. You can put some string around a ball of paper and use this improvised toy to play with your cat and make them chase after it.  

All in all

Cats are fun pets to have even with all the shedding and scratching. There's nothing more beautiful than when they snuggle beside us or the way they purr when we pet them. So these glorious creatures deserve some space of their own in your small apartment, just as it’s fun for you to see them happily sprawled on your LCD TV.

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