Wednesday, December 20, 2017

5 Ways to Improve Your Bedroom Environment for Sleep

Sania is here to share 5 ways to improve your bedroom environment for sleep. You spend so much time in your bedroom, why not just spruce it up? 

Having a perfectly soothing environment for bedtime is essential. There are times when you can’t fall asleep even when you are exhausted and there are times when you sleep for hours but wake up all restless. Ever wondered why it happens? Let me tell you why.
When there is some unknown discomfort in the environment you sleep, restless and insomnia tend to occur. Therefore, making sure that the environment is perfectly suitable and comfortable is essential before you go to bed.
Here are some of the effective ways to improve your bedroom environment for sleep:

  1. Get a Humidifier
Sometimes, the lack of humidity in the room causes trouble in breathing and leaves you feeling dehydrated. Therefore, get a humidifier and turn it on half an hour before you go to bed. Humidifiers add moisture to the room that helps resolve the breathing issue.
Plus, they also make the room warm and cozy. With humidifier on, you will not only sleep peacefully, but your skin will also stay supple with moisture locked into it. Make sure you use a good night moisturizer too before going to bed.

  1. Gadget-free Zone
The constant update and notifications on your news feed on Social media today have taken away the peaceful sleep of people. Make your room a gadget-free zone half hour before bedtime to avoid any beeps, rings and vibrations that disrupt your sleep.  Instead, enjoy a cup of tea with a good book to read. It will help put you sleep more easily and is not bad for the eyes as well.

  1. Do not Let the Lights Enter the Room
If you want to have a peaceful sleep, keeping your room pitch dark is another way to make your environment more soothing to the eyes. When there are any lights in the surrounding, the receptors in our eyes give the message to the brain that it is daytime which leads us to struggle in our sleep. Therefore, either keep the room dark or use an eye pad for covering your eyes while you sleep.

  1. Change into Sleeping Clothes
Going to bed with the clothes you wear throughout the day can be very discomforting at times. Make sure you change into your sleeping dress that is made of very light and breathable fabric. Plus, it should be loose and comfortable enough that it does not restrict your body to move freely.

  1. Do not Keep a Clock in View
Sometimes when you are unable to sleep, you start looking at the clock and counting how many hours of sleep you are left with. Then, you begin to get anxious at the thought of how exhausted you will feel the next day. All of this keeps you from falling asleep. Therefore, it is better to keep the clock out of the view while you sleep. It may take some time to doze off but you eventually will quicker if you do not have a clock to build up your anxiety.

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