Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Transform Your Bathroom in Personal Spa Through Renovations

Alyssa Moylan is here sharing some fun ideas on how to transform your bathroom into a person spa. Check out these great ways to give your bathroom a facelift.

Most people ignore their bathroom during their home renovation because they think that they can easily install few faucets, cabinets, and shower to decorate their bathroom. But, after a hectic day, when you return home, the bathroom is the only space where you want to spend some time and get relaxation. So you need to do bathroom renovation and in this regards, you can convert your small bathroom into a personal spa also. It is true that most of the bathrooms constructed by the real estate companies are very small and especially if you live in an apartment then you can face this space issue. Now you can also convert your small bathroom into a luxurious personal space and to know about it you can follow some simple steps.

How Would You Renovate Your Bathroom?

  • Mirror Installation: You know that a large size mirror can make your small room larger. So you can apply the same trick for your bathroom renovation and hang a large size mirror on the bathroom wall. Even you can also partially install a glass wall for the shower area. Through this way, your bathroom will appear larger and you can make it feel like a personal spa.

  • Lighting: Now you need to experiment with the lighting system for the bathroom renovation. To turn your bathroom into rejuvenating retreat, you need to install some lights which can be controlled by the remote control and you can easily adjust their luminous power. It is suggested to install some skylights inside the bathroom to get the natural light because it can keep your bathroom fresh and moisture free. Apart from that, you can also install the blighter lighting system inside the bathroom and can also add some crystal lights to make it more attractive.

  • Color: When you try to convert your bathroom into a personal spa, you need to apply some smooth colors to the bathroom walls. In this case, you can choose some lights and natural colors such as light green, blue, gray or simple white for your bathroom. You can install the same color times to make it more attractive and some pebbles times on the bathroom floor to make it smooth. Else you can also choose some wooden textured tiles for your bathroom floor and if you want to keep your bathroom warm in winter then install hydraulic heated flooring to get the warmth during the season.

Accessories and Fitting for Your Bathroom Renovation:

For your bathroom renovation, you need to choose some designer accessories and fittings. You can add some candles and spay some fragrances to turn your bathroom into a personal spa. You can install some designer towel holders and hang some colorful towels on it. Apart from that, you can also install some suspended floating vanity designer faucets, wall mounted cabinets and lots more accessories to design your bathroom in a different manner.

Hire A Professional for Your Bathroom Renovation:

Now you need to consult with professional designers for your bathroom renovations and they can do all these things for you with ease. In this regard, you can search some bathroom renovators online and check their license, certification and experience level before you hire one of them. It is suggested to consult with them as they can provide you various designer templates for your bathroom renovation. You can choose your favorite design from their collection and renovate your bathroom accordingly.

It is suggested to ask for the written estimate from the bathroom renovator and then compares the price with some other designers. Then choose the most affordable one for your bathroom renovation project.

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