Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tips for Creating an Eclectic Bathroom

Diana Smith is here today to share on creating an eclectic bathroom. These are some really fun ideas. Thanks for guest hosting and I always look forward to having you again.

If you’re considering renovating your bathroom and want to create a unique space that doesn’t
necessarily have to boast a minimalistic design, you should probably take a look at some eclectic ideas.
Such ideas actually mix various styles to provide an original look and allow you to use any old
furniture and create unique combinations with new elements. So, if you feel brave enough, take a
look at some of the suggestions that might help you create a fantastic new bathroom.
Choose a focal point
Each eclectic bathroom design features one focal point, which means you have to design the
rest of the bathroom around it. This can be any item of furniture, but the secret is not to include
elements that don’t match your focal point, since it would create a completely different
impression. The last thing you want is to have a bathroom which looks cluttered.
Selecting tiles
Luckily, you can now choose various tile shapes, colours and sizes, which means you have a
much better chance of creating exactly what you want. Even if you don’t find what you have in
mind, you can find a specialty store nearby, which can customise your tiles or create some
original mosaic tiles. Basically, your budget and your imagination are the only limitations.
Old and new
One of the main features of any eclectic design is a combination of vintage and contemporary
elements. For example, if you have some oriental artwork, you can try hanging it above your
sleek, white tub. You’ll be surprised how well some items go together.

Fixtures add character
If you really want to make a statement, replace your dull fixtures with some more original ones.
You can even go to a thrift shop or a flea market if you’re after some vintage fixtures. Once
renovated, they can really make a big difference to the overall design of your bathroom.
You may think that the bathroom is the last place where you should have wallpaper,
but this is not necessarily true. There are special, durable kinds of wallpaper that can withstand
water and moisture. Many of them are actually made of vinyl and require a very strong adhesive,
which is why you might want to hire a professional to help you.
Ceiling-mount circular shower
If your bathroom is small, you might want to consider installing a circular shower with a
ceiling-mount showerhead. However, this installation requires a help from an expert, such as
this Melbourne-based plumber, to inspect the space and check if your bathroom can
accommodate the necessary pipes. This is particularly true when it comes to attics that
have been converted into bathrooms. Since there’s usually little insulation in such places,
your pipes might freeze, especially if you live in a cold area.

Glass Shower Enclosure
The more glass and mirrors you have, the larger your bathroom will appear.
So, introducing a glass shower enclosure will make any bathroom look bigger and if you
manage to combine it with rich wood cabinets, you’ll definitely create something special.
Vintage design
If you install a freestanding tub with a tub filler that comes up through the floor, you’ll
be able to recreate the vintage feel that many designers are going crazy about these days. For an
even better effect, opt for marble or wooden flooring, with a small rug in front of the tub.

Round tub
If you don’t like the idea of a freestanding tub, you might go for a white, round tub safely
tucked into a windowed bay and wrapped in tiles of some soothing colours. The idea is to create
a relaxing space in the bathroom, where you can enjoy after a difficult day.

Corner shower
Another idea for a small bathroom is to have a corner shower with stone tiles paired with a
state-of-the-art toilet, sleek vanity and modern countertop. This combination of old and new
elements will create a very special and original design.
Concrete countertops
A feature that many designers are pushing nowadays is a concrete countertop, which
complements a freestanding tub for the maximal effect. Concrete is difficult to work with,
which means you have to choose your contractor carefully, but if they do a good job, you’ll be
treated with a fantastic, easy-to-maintain solution.

Bathroom vanity island
You can turn your master bath into a wonderful oasis of serenity by using a relaxing
combination of colours and styles, especially if you introduce a flooring solution with some
natural material. Also, you might want to consider painted wainscoting against a marble tile on
the freestanding vanity and tub for an even more eclectic design.
Creating an eclectic bathroom may seem like combining pretty much anything, but the task is
not that easy and only those who understand the concept of interior design and decoration
can actually achieve a great result. Still, with so many ideas now available online, there’s nothing
stopping you from finding the one you like and trying to recreate it at your home.

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