Friday, February 2, 2018

Hygiene is a Must: A Clean Living and Working Space

Faith McGregor is here to share some ideas on a Clean Living and Working Space. This is such great advice because productivity is so important and having a clean space makes that a priority.

We are taught to practice good hygiene habits from a young age, because these habits are
essential for our health, self-esteem, social and professional acceptance, and, in an indirect
way, our success in our private life and career. Besides maintaining our personal
hygiene at a satisfactory level, it is significant that we dedicate the same attention
to the cleanliness of our living and working space as well. Keeping your office and your
home clean and clutter-free is not a difficult task if you are doing it on a regular basis
instead of making big “spring cleanings” periodically. Read this article to find out the easiest
ways to maintain a clean living and working space, and, therefore, lead a happier
and healthier life.

Clutter in your office makes you unproductive – banish it!

Are your office and workstation cluttered with piles of paper, a bunch of pens that don’t
even work, tangled cables and other chaotic stuff? Besides affecting how other people
perceive you professionally, this mess affects your mind, makes you feel stressed out
and overwhelmed, and thus, affects your productivity and ability to focus. The first step
towards a more organized office is to get rid of the things you don’t need
(e.g. documents that can be stored in electrical form). From there, you should secure
storage space for all the things you do need. Arrange items alphabetically or color code
them if possible. Use clever office hacks to hide cables, store pens, etc.

Arrange a huge cleanup

As we’ve already mentioned, it is essential to keep your office clean on a regular basis,
but it will be much easier to do so if you start with a clean slate. Take a day or two to
thoroughly clean your working space from the floor up. Wash and polish the floors and
the walls, dust your desk, shelves and other surfaces, wash the windows, and deep clean
the office chair if it is upholstered. Since this is a pretty extensive project, you will need to
do this on a weekend or after working hours. If you can’t find enough time or energy for
that, you can hire people providing professional office cleaning services, who can do
this faster and more thorough than you.

Maintain the order

Now that everything is clean and organized, you can make cleaning something that is
done on a regular basis. Don’t wait until the mess is piled up. Make it your habit to store
papers you get right away and to always put things back in their place after you use them.
Have a cloth and a dusting spray within your reach so that you can swipe off your desk and
shelves every day or two.

Keep your living space clutter-free

Just as the mess in your office can cause stress, a cluttered home can make you nervous
and anxious too. And since your home is the very place where you should be able to relax
and unwind, this can be ever worse. How you keep your home organized depends on many
factors, such as whether you live alone, with a roommate or with your family members,
whether you live in a house or an apartment, if your living space is small or large, etc.
If you live with more people, make an arrangement for each of you to keep as few things
as you can out in the open. The same goes for your family members. If you live alone, it is
up to you to ditch the things you don’t use often and store those you will eventually need.

Clean and maintain clean

A thorough cleaning every two months or so is a must in your home, especially in those
rooms that are used frequently and prone to being messy, such as the kitchen and the
bathroom. Maintaining cleanliness is easy to do, just dedicate half an hour a week to each
room. If there are more residents in your household, make a cleaning schedule so
that each person devotes an equal part of their time to dusting, washing, and other
cleaning activities.

Hygiene is a precious habit that leads to less stress and a more relaxed life. It is not
something that will put too heavy a burden on you. As soon as you make it a habit, it will be
easy and time-efficient.

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