Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tips You Should Know While Buying Wine Fridge Cabinets

Zac Ferry is here today to share about buying Wine Fridge Cabinets. A fun way to store your favorite beverage.

It is important to let the wine age a little longer because nothing tastes better than aged wine. Whether you are preserving wine for enjoyment or commercial purpose, it is important to store it in the right cabinet. Storing it in wrong places is not a good ideas as it can make more harm than good. So it is important to find the right wine storage solution which helps your wine to age with grace. One of the effective way to keep your wine safe is wine fridge cabinets. However, while buying these cabinets one you can follow some tips. Have a look.

Advantage of A Wine Fridge Cabinet Over Normal Refrigerator

A wine fridge is made to chill the wine to the right temperature.. On contrary, a normal refrigerator will not maintain a constant temperature and humidity. The refrigerator’s  humidity should always be controlled in order to keep the cork of the wine bottle soft. If there is no proper humidity, the cork will harden allowing the air into the bottle and let wine drip from the bottle. So if you want to preserve your wine for a long time the best place to store them is in a wine fridge.

Temperature Required to Store Wine
The optimum temperature required to store white or red wine is 12-18o C. The red wine must be kept outside for some time in order to enhance its taste while the white wine must be served immediately.

Capacity of A Wine Storage

Wine Fridge Cabinets come in different sizes and capacities. It is completely dependent on the user to pick the right one. Small ones can accommodate 20 bottles maximum while the large ones can accommodate more than 100 bottles. If you are storing the wine bottles as an investment then it is better for you to take more capacity cabinets which will help you store more bottles. There are some manufacturers that provides an customized option for such cabinets.

It is known fact that the low price will show its effect on the reliability of the product and it is applicable to wine fridge cabinets also. So try to spend some more money on your cabinet. The price of a small cabinet varies from $100-$300, medium ones cost between $300-$600 and the large capacity refrigeratoer are worth $1000-$2000.

Compressor or Thermoelectric
There is a huge difference between compressor cabinets and thermoelectric cabinets. Thermoelectric refrigertors have a noiseless and vibration free operation and are pricey compared to compressor wine fridge cabinets.  So this depends upon your requirement.

Placement of Cabinet
The placement of cabinet plays an important role. The cabinets are designed separately for indoor and outdoor. If you are opting to showcase your wine cabinet then go for outdoor wine fridge cabinet only as it is designed to maintain the cooling by matching the outdoor temperature. If you want the cabinet to be placed inside your house then normal cabinet will do.

Mode of Temperature Control
Two types of temperature controls are used in wine fridge cabinets. They are:
  • Digital temperature control
  • Mechanical temperature control
However, digital temperature control is preferred by many people over mechanical control.

Insulation of the Door

Most of the wine fridge cabinets come with glass doors which can be used to showcase your wine collection to your guests. But these glass doors are not good at preventing the warm air from getting into the cabinet, so go for tempered, double pane glass doors. It is recommended to go for tinted glass doors which prevent the UV rays from entering the fridge.

The opening of the door is also an important feature and you must decide the side which is comfortable for you to open the door.

These are some of the tips that help you buy the right wine fridge cabinet according to your requirements.

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