Monday, April 30, 2018

Training your puppy how to potty in an easiest way possible

There are many misconceptions regarding potty training. People who don’t have any experience with dogs think that this is a tedious process that is meant to keep your home clean. But there are other considerations as well.
You see, puppy potty training is done while your pet is young. It is one of the first things a dog will learn and as such, it is the cornerstone for your relationship. If you do this step properly, not only will you teach a pet how to do its thing outside but you will also teach it some basic commands, it will learn to obey you and it will be an important knowledge for all other types of trainings.
So, what are all the things you need to know? Keep reading to find out!

  • Make sure that a pet has nice basics

What do I mean by this? Well, if you’re getting your pup from a breeder, it is very important to find a breeder that is clean. This means that a dog will have a good basics going forward and it will be easier to teach it how to potty outside

  • Be prepared for accidents 

No matter how hard you try, accidents will occur. That is a given. The best you can do in such situations is keep your calm and teach your dog this is not ok. Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to cover your floor with blankets. At least this way you won’t be preoccupied with all the mess

  • Be consistent 

Puppies are very similar to small kids in a sense that they learn from experience. If you constantly change the message, dog will not understand what is asked from it. Make sure to be consistent and show your dog dissatisfaction when it potties inside of your home and satisfaction when it does the opposite

  • Never stop loving your dog

As previously mentioned, accidents will definitely occur. In these situations some people tend to react aggressively, punishing a dog in several ways. In extreme situations, some inconsiderate owners will even hit a dog which is always counterproductive. Dog can easily sense your emotions so there isn’t really a need to punish it. Instead, it is much better if you use positive stimulation. Next time your dog potties outside of the home, make sure to give it a treat and a gentle petting
  • Try not to excite your puppy

Puppies have hard time keeping it in due to small bladder. This is especially true when they get excited and cannot control themselves. This usually occurs when you start petting them. So, if it’s a morning and you still haven’t went out, make sure to avoid any stimulation

  • Go out ahead of time

If you wait for a dog to get an urge, it will be too late. Puppies react instinctively and will potty as soon as they have to. Best thing you can do in such a situation is to go outside ahead of time. Make sure your pet has somewhere to potty

  • Green space is the key 

Puppies prefer natural environment for pottying and tend to potty in the same spot. In fact, it is much better for them to go outside. If you have a park nearby, make sure to always take your dog there

  • Think about the diet 

Diet is perhaps the most important outside factor for pottying. It is something you can control and it always helps. Using one and the same food may seem boring for a puppy but it makes it easy to control as the dog will always react the same. Don’t give it human food as you never know how its stomach will react. Also, if a dog doesn’t eat the whole portion, make sure to remove it. Don’t allow your dog to eat anything outside of the common time


These tips are pretty straightforward and should be too much of a problem. No matter what, make sure to always have patience, show love to your dog and go day by day. Even if something bad occurs, don’t be discouraged as potty training is an important thing for building your relationship.

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