Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How Would You Choose the Best Flooring?

Lauren Bracy is here to share on some important tips for choosing the best flooring. Check out these fun tips! 

Flooring is an important factor to cope with your home improvement needs and you need to consider several factors while you choose your flooring such as lifestyle, amount of traffic, durability, cost, moisture resistant capacity, and stylish design of the floors. You can find different types of floors in the market such as marble, wooden, laminated wooden floors, concrete floors, vinyl tiles and porcelain tiles, and you can also use some natural stones for decorating your floor. The choice is yours but before you make the final decision, you need to consider a few things and here you can find the complete guide on flooring.

#5 things to consider while you choose the flooring

  1. If you want to install the flooring in moisture prone areas such as bathroom or basement then you need to choose durable flooring options. You can choose ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, or you can simply install the concrete flooring on such wet areas. But you can also prevent moisture through proper ventilation and cleaning solutions. So, if you want to add some elegance then you can also use marble in these areas. It is suggested to avoid wooden flooring in bathroom because they will get affected by moisture and water.
  2. You need to choose a floor for your living areas which are wear resistant. Especially when you have children and pets in your home, you need to maintain the floor on a regular basis. Solid hardwood flooring is not scratch resistant, and it is better to avoid such floors for living rooms. You can choose laminated wooden floor, ceramic or porcelain tiles floor, plank vinyl floor, or concrete floor for your living areas. Even you can also install the marble flooring and use carpets to cover the high traffic zones of your floors.
  3. If you have small budget, then you can choose the laminated flooring or tiles flooring. Before you choose the flooring, you need to decide your budget and you must include the installation cost in your budget. For example, ceramic or porcelain tiles are not expensive, but you need to spend more for their installation. In that case, you can also choose the polished concrete flooring because this is an affordable and durable option. But if you want to invest more than you can select the hardwood engineered flooring or premium laminated luxury vinyl flooring.
  4. Those who want to save their installation cost can choose laminated or plank vinyl flooring. They are available in readymade floating boards and you can easily customize these boards to adjust the height and width of the floor. You may not be able to install the ceramic or porcelain tiles by your DIY tools and even you cannot cover your entire floor with floor carpets. These are hectic jobs and it is better to hire trained professionals in this regard.
  5. Always choose the flooring that require less maintenance cost. In this regard, you can select the tiles, sheets, or plank flooring. You can easily clean them with a normal mop. Laminated wooden floor needs special maintenance and you cannot run a wet mop on these wooden floors. Even you can also use the engineered or solid wooden floors for your rooms and you must cover the high traffic zones with carpets. So, you can easily clean the carpets with your vacuum cleaners, and keep your floor clean and tidy.  

Location of your home is another vital factor to choosing the floor because if you live in high traffic areas and if the entry point of your house is covered with snow, rain water, or mud, then you must choose durable floors. In that case, you can rely on the hardwood, slate, or tiles flooring.


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