Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Verve Rise Mugs

  We all know that having a mug that keeps a drink cold or hot is possibly the best invention. My husband is all about the hot stuff and I am ALL about the cold. My quest in life is to have a cold drink that stays cold. Our work vending machine is very unreliable so I like to bring my own drink.

The Verve Rise Mug is just what you need for a hot or cold drink. The only thing I found super challenging was the lid. It twists both ways so its good no matter what way you choose.

    The Verve thermos represents the pinnacle of hydration technology. Not only does this groundbreaking thermos keep your hot and cold beverages temperature stabilized, but it features one of the most innovative lid designs you've ever seen! To take a quick sip, simply push the tiny lever on the lid, twist, and take a drink. When you the let go, the twist-seal technology automatically closes and creates a leak-proof seal. This can be done all with one hand! Now, if you're more of a gulper than sipper, twist the top of the lid until you feel the built-in valve click. This will keep the drinking spout open. Once done, twist the lid back to it's original closed position. This thermos also contains an added lock for worry free storage that keeps your liquid completely secure and free from leaks!

So in the end, while I would choose the mug for the convenience of the cold vs. hot drink. The Verve Rise mug doesn't fit under the Keurig so you have to pour into it and that can be a little dicey. Other than that its a great mug. You can order it on Manna Hydration.

**I was given this product at no charge, all opinions are my own**

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