Sunday, May 27, 2018

What Interior Style Best Suits Your Personality?

 Lana Hawkins is here to share some ideas on how certain styles can best suit your personality! Check out these great tips.

Styling your house doesn’t have to be shaped exclusively based on interior design trends. After all, trends come and go, and it is you who remains stuck in the house for years later. That’s why it is best to decide on the décor that suits your personality. Your unique perspective, emotions, and interpretation, can create a space where you can live comfortably and happily. But how can you be sure which interior design style makes the happiest marriage with your taste? We’ll give you some hints that will help you accomplish the most fortunate choice.

A methodical perfectionist – Minimalist design

Do you value efficiency and organization above all things? In that case, the minimalist style is right for you. This approach is characterized by subdued aesthetics, a form that follows the function, quality materials, hidden storage solutions, color-coding, and clean lines. The typical furniture that inhabits such rooms are the Eames-style pieces.

Efficient, yet chic – Scandinavian design

The owner who designs his or her home in a Scandinavian manner shares some values with the one who decorates minimalistic, but the difference is that Nordic design places coziness above organization. This is a style to choose if you are a moderate “control freak,” but still friendly, social, and interested in different cultures. Scandinavian décor is reflected in clean lines, natural materials, a lot of natural light, a mixture of textures (e.g., fur, matte and metallic finishes), and neutral colors.

Young and bold – Pop art

The pop art design style is usually meant for young individuals who are elegant, fresh, and creative. Unconventional art pieces fall into the very definition of this approach. It is also painted in daring hues which are not for everyone. Every item is carefully selected to witness the history of the homeowner, and it represents a perspective on life which is very much different from what is common for the vast majority.

Traditional and graceful – Classic

Contrary to the popular opinion, the age-defiant design is not something reserved exclusively for the baby boomer generation. Millennials too love this style, especially if they place symmetry, poise, and order on top of their priority list. You will find classic style in many family homes in America, Australia, and Europe. Since it is based on furniture that never goes out of vogue, finding a subdued, elegant chaise lounge in Sydney and other trendy cities, is as simple as it gets. All that remains is pairing it up with traditional high-back armchairs.

Social and trendy – Industrial

If your idea of a perfect Friday night out is sitting with a group of friends in your favorite pub, then industrial style is the interior for you. It takes its cues from industrial spaces, old factories, and transformed lofts. The place is decorated with raw, utilitarian pieces, such as neon lights, exposed pipes, Edison-style light bulbs, wood and metal items, and vintage furniture and accessories. It is ideal for individuals who like to entertain and who keep up with the trends.

A dreamer – Mediterranean

If you are forever dreaming about being at some distant place and enjoying exotic experiences, then Mediterranean style could meet your needs. Regardless of its particular direction (Moroccan, Greek, Southern French, Tuscan, or Spanish), this design method creates lovely, comfortable, rustic, and warm spaces. The key traits of this design are sturdy rustic furniture (e.g., Spanish armoire), raw textures, and down-to-earth color palettes.

Born at the wrong time – Vintage

There are people among us who long for the good old days they never had the chance to live. The music sounded better when played on vinyl. The phone conversations were more interesting when people used landlines. The furniture was more elaborate. If you belong to this group, you mind find the vintage interior style to be the most appropriate for you. Since this is a highly individualized approach, the décor will depend on the era that attracts you the most.

There are plenty other design styles and even more types of personality. We hope that this post has given you some cues about what to pay attention to the most when deciding on how you are going to style your home. Don’t chase the trends blindly; they change much faster than people.


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