Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bring your office to life

When organising your office, whether it be at home or a single desk within the company office, personal touches will help to bring your workspace to life.

We spend a lot of time at our desks so ensuring they reflect your own personality can help to boost your motivation and feel more comfortable and at home wherever your work make take you.

There are many steps you can take to personalise your workspace and express your own style while sticking to the office dress code, these can include:

Sit in style
The best part of your day will normally involve sitting at your desk, your seat should therefore be suited to your individual needs.

Your chair should be comfortable and built for a purpose, each aspect should help to ensure that your posture is not in anyway compromised with the height and back adjusted to your individual stature.

Your office chair is not just a means of comfort during work. It can also be a way to express your style and personality in the office. If you’re in need of a new office chair, Furniture At Work has a variety of ranges to suit every style.

Customise your desk to suit you
When it comes to your desk space, organisation is key, storage cabinets and folders are essential to keeping your paperwork in order and out of sight.

How organised you are can ultimately affect the type of desk you need. For those who prefer to work in ‘organised chaos’ may benefit from a larger space to spread out paperwork and stationary, while a more organised worker may prefer a smaller surface space but built in desks to prioritise and put away their work.

Don’t be afraid to bring your own style to your desk and decorate with your favourite photographs and your must have-work accessories.

Bring the outdoors to you
We spend the majority of our working day sat indoors, why not bring the outdoors to your desk in the form of a desk plant.
Indoor plants are said to have a variety of benefits to office life including increasing productivity, reducing stress and evening helping to clean the air and improving health.

Have you recently redecorated your home office or bought some new additions to your desk in the office? Share your story and join the conversation using the hashtag #MyChair.

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