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Things Dave Taught Me About Moving To Singapore

We’re all different, right? We’ve all got different aims, aspirations, backgrounds, hopes, dreams, weaknesses, strengths, genetics, fingerprints, fetishes - all of it. And yet we’ve all thought about upping sticks and fleeing to a faraway place to start over in some way or another. It’s that niggly thought of wondering what life is like on the other side of the world, what it would be like to throw yourself into the deep end of a totally mad adventure, move to another country, immerse yourself in the unknown where absolutely everything is a bit alien and all of your senses are assaulted on a bi-secondly basis.

Well, a year ago today, one of my best pals gave into that thought, made his “out of office” permanent, through two fingers up to the humdrum of doing the same thing every day and moved to Asia or, more specifically, Singapore. And he pretty much did it without a plan (which is classic Dave, really). That said, I remember speaking to him on his first night and smiling as he regaled the love at first sight relationship he had with that place. He said, “The moment I stepped off that plane and into a taxi headed for the city, I knew I was gonna be chuffed living here.

Now, I’ve only been out to visit him once, but I can confirm that place has a certain something-something and you get hit by it the moment you arrive. From the heat to the humidity, the buzz, the culture, the buildings and the food - it all hits you hard and fast, sort of how I imagine it must feel getting in a ring with Mike Tyson.

Anyway, to celebrate Dave’s move and to help anyone else considering what life must be like on the other side of planet earth, I’ve pulled together a list of things no one tells you about moving to Asia based on my conversations with Dave after the last twelve months. Good luck.

1. Singapore Is THE Place To Be
As far as moving to Asia goes, Singapore is the best place to begin because it’s what the locals call the ‘Gateway to Asia’ or, as Dave now refers to it, ‘Asia for dummies’. Oh, it’s still going to be a crazy adventure and totally hectic and all that, but the transition is just that much easier because there is a huge European influence merged in with the Asian way of doing things, while the common language is good old English. Basically, it’s an easy place to live. But it’s not just got this name in a metaphorical sense because Singapore really is perfectly placed for you to explore so much of the world. From the centre of the city, you can be at the airport in twenty-five minutes and then it’s up to you where you go. Malaysia in 40 minutes. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam - they’re all within touching distance.

2. There Are A Lot Of Rules For A Reason
The hardest thing for a westerner to wrap their heads around seems to be the rules, regulations and laws, of which there is 12 trillion. But it doesn’t take long to realise this is just some jumped up bureaucracy and that they are in fact in place to benefit the overall society. It’s strict, but it’s understandable. Buying one of the HDB flats here is riddled with complexities for foreigners, which is why it makes more sense to rent (at least at first), but that’s to make sure inflation doesn’t ruin the market for locals. Another example is only being able to buy gum from a pharmacy, having to present ID to purchase it and getting slapped with a super-hefty fine if you spit it out anywhere but a bin (or litter in general), which doesn’t go unnoticed because this city seems to be spotless. So while Dave found this abundance of rules pretty weird at first, he conceded quickly because these rules bring with about an almost unprecedented sense of safety, while keeping the city looking and feeling its best.

3. You’ve Never Been Somewhere So Diverse
This place is smaller than Estonia, and yet it is home to more than five-and-a-half million people from all over the place. There are four official languages, including English, Mandarin, and Tamil, as well as unofficial ones, such as the local version of English, which will boggle your mind faster than your first attempt at a Rubik’s cube. They call it Singlish and the twang is infectious (Dave speaks Singlish - it’s odd). But unlike so many other places, Singapore actually tries to make the most of this diversity. There’s a quota system when it comes to housing so that segregation doesn’t happen, and the same goes for religions too, which is why most areas have a mosque, a church and a temple. It’s so refreshing. It’s so forward-thinking. It’s so clever.

4. Startups Don’t Survive - They Thrive
Dave went out there without a job lined up and, although it took him a few weeks, he finally landed a job with an ecommerce and logistics startup that has boomed in the last year alone. It has offices all over south-east Asia. And they are no one-off. There are so many huge companies overhear and super successful startups, especially in the e-commerce, insurance and FinTech sectors, all of whom seem to share a love for disrupting the norm (I’m now quoting Dave, which is scary). Anyway, the growth opportunities seem to be insanely awesome. Enough to make me a dollop jealous. But then who wouldn’t be jealous of someone working in an inspiring environment, where innovation is key and taking risks is the norm? It’s the best kind of place to work and the best kind of jealousy that radiates from me.

5. Community Is A Big part of Singapore
The last thing that needs to be mentioned is that sense of community. I felt it when I was there. Even with the western way of doing things creeping into the local culture, the Singaporeans value family and community higher than anything else (except maybe food - they talk about food more than Brits talk about the weather). And that’s rubbed off on Dave. He talks about his friends almost like they are his family, with pride and love. It’s amazing to hear.

Sod it, I’m gonna move out there too.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design: Choose The Best Option

Zac Ferry is guest hosting today and sharing ideas on how to make your kitchen more modern.
Check out these great tips!

A kitchen is the most important room in your house, and so, it is essential to make sure that your kitchen is in good working order. If not, then you really need to renovate it. However, while remodeling your kitchen, the first thing you need to decide is the kitchen interior design. There are many interior designs available for the kitchen that you will be completely confused about how to find the right option. Some main features in the kitchen are cabinets, countertop, tiles, fixtures, appliances and other hardware.

Every feature which must be in the kitchen has an infinite number of designs available which is enough to confuse you. So, it is important for you to do your little research on the products and choose the one that is suited to your needs.

Today, every homeowner wants to have eat-at-kitchen experience. For this, they prefer a dining table within the kitchen space where they could enjoy large dinner parties.  Apart from this, kitchen cabinets also play an important role in improving the appearance of the space.

Buying white furniture for kitchen could be a timeless collection because it imparts elegance to the room. The color is compatible with different architectural styles that include country, chic and traditional. By installing a white cabinet, one can create a number of decoration choices and color palettes that would help to add character to the kitchen.

Use of Metal in Kitchen:

Stain steel appliances are the new trend in the kitchen because they bring a sophisticated look and feel. The sleek design of the refrigerator, gas stove and the trash bin attracts the imagination of the users. The fingers do not spoil the appearances of the appliances made of stainless steel.

Most of the manufacturers now offer finger resistant varieties to the consumers so that they can handle appliances without any worry.

It has been seen that small workstations have started originating in the kitchen which incorporate baking centers, coffee bars and pizza making places. One of the best aspects of the kitchen is a walk-in pantry where all the essential items such as canned goods and baking supplies could be stocked.

Granite counter tops in kitchen are in vogue and people are opting for them in order to update a modern look into their kitchen. Apart from these, cutting edge technology items, such as wall mount television and sound system are also used by many house owners.

These electronic items are now days used in the kitchen because people want to get entertained while they are cooking or hogging on to the food.

You must choose a counter top which is durable and looks good at the same time. One of the most popular counters tops is Granite tops which now come in different patterns. The color of the counter top should be chosen carefully and it must match with the color of the cabinets.

Conserving Energy:

Most of the kitchen wares are made of sustainable materials, such as recycled glass. Cabinets, manufactured using bamboo can be used in the kitchen and no chemical glues are deployed. It helps to make the air clean and free from all pollutants.  

Energy star rated microwave oven helps to conserve energy thus reducing electricity bill. Water conserving faucets can also be used to save the precious resources. Although refrigerators have become larger, modern cabinets hide them discretely and make them invisible. It helps to make the modern kitchen more spacious than the conventional ones. Chandeliers and pendant products are used in the kitchen to provide layered lighting.

The ideas mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean, because when it comes to kitchen ideas, there are infinite numbers of them. From paint colors and patterns to cabinet colors and styles. There are several kitchen interior designs and ideas for the sink and the tanks as well.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How to save a few bucks when moving across country

Moving will bring you both excitement and anxiety. All of the stress that comes with moving is magnified when you’re moving across the country.
And while it’s true that a move across the country can be stressful and expensive, there are things you can do to mitigate the negatives and help turn it into a more positive experience.
In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways to make a move across the country more comfortable and less stressful.
Bring Your Meals
A move across the country means days in the car, and if you’re eating every meal in a restaurant, that adds up quickly. To reduce your food expense, bring a cooler full of your favorite drinks and plenty of snacks such as chips. Don’t worry about the calories now; the feel-good snacks will help keep your spirits up. For regular meals, bring sandwiches for lunch and dinner, and protein bars for breakfast.
If you must stay at a hotel, find one that offers a complimentary breakfast.
Declutter Before Packing
There’s no sense in paying for extra boxes, packing material or renting a bigger truck just to take stuff you’d be better off getting rid of. Before you move — weeks before — start going through your home room by room and get rid of the stuff you don’t want or need anymore. Also, assess your furniture. Is that sofa on its last legs? If you’re ready for a new one, ditch it and get a new one when you arrive in your new home.
Get rid of items by donating them to charity, selling on Facebook or Craigslist or giving them to relatives.
Don’t Skimp on the Movers
While it’s tempting to save money by hiring the cheapest moving company, remember the saying, ‘You get what you pay for.’
A cheap moving service might save you money in the short term, but cost you in stress if they cut corners and damage goods or take too long to get the job done.
Do your research on the best long distance movers in your area, and if you can, avoid moving during the months where movers are in higher demand — typically summer. Also, if you can avoid it, don’t plan your move on the weekend or a holiday as these will be more expensive.
Find Packing Supplies
You can save money on boxes and other packing material if you start asking around before you move. Go to supermarkets and other stores and get the boxes they’re going to throw away. Use towels, blankets, and old tee shirts as packing material. Also, if you know people who are avid online shoppers, ask them to save the packing material they get.
Hitch the Car

If you have more than one vehicle you need to move, don’t drive the second one. Instead, get a hitch and tow it behind the moving truck or the car you’re driving. It saves wear and tear on the other vehicle and saves you on gas.

Ideas To Unlock The Potential Of Your Large Bedroom

The standard bedroom set - bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, perhaps a chest of drawers - is popular across the world, but there is no denying this set can be… limited. If you have a larger-than-normal bedroom space, you may find that the standard bedroom set does not sufficiently fill the space, and you are left with blank areas that are difficult to incorporate into the rest of the design.

While there is no denying that having too much space is a good problem to have, it is still a problem - and one which the ideas below may help you to solve.

Same furniture; more of it

If you have a large bedroom space you are struggling to fill, then the simplest solution to the problem is to opt for the traditional bedroom items, but in higher volume. Where many bedrooms will feature a single wardrobe or chest of drawers, you can double-up, and enjoy the benefits of more storage space.

Install an ensuite

While undoubtedly a radical change, installing an ensuite is an excellent way of making use of your leftover bedroom space. The type of ensuite you are able to achieve largely depends on the space you have available; a small shower room can fit within just a few square feet, while an entire bathroom could be possible in larger spaces.

Create a living space

While the bedroom may primarily be reserved for rest and relaxation, there’s no reason not to create a living area from unused space. It’s best to use a rug to help create separation for the the area, then add a coffee table and a seating option such as a sofa or overstuffed bean bag chair for usable comfort. You can use the space to read, relax, or prop up your smartphone on the coffee table to watch a movie - a particularly useful choice if your family are using the main TV to watch something that is of little interest to you.

Add a walk-in closest

Walk-in closets are a natural choice for free space in the bedroom, either to be used in isolation or in addition to an existing wardrobe. This change is surprisingly easy to achieve; there are plenty of guides online if you wish to DIY yourself, or you can outsource to a professional for around $1,000. While this is a time-consuming or expensive task, it’s worth noting that walk-in closets are thought to increase the potential value of your home, so you could stand to profit from this choice in future.

Lean artwork

Most of us display artwork on walls, but large framed prints can be surprisingly effective when they are placed on the floor and leant against the wall. This creates a casual, “studio” vibe that can really complement the rest of your decor, prevents the need to drill into the walls, and fills unused space successfully, making it a great choice all-around.

In conclusion

If you have a larger-than-average bedroom, the above ideas are all great choices that help you maximize the use of the space - enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Six Issues To Fix In Your Home Before You Move In

Moving into a new property that you’ve spent years saving up for isn’t always a fun experience. Of course, knowing that you’ve bought your property yourself and you’re finally a homeowner? That’s fun. It’s exhilarating, in fact, because it makes you feel like more of a grown up and ready to take on the world. However, moving is stressful. It’s probably one of the most stressful activities that you can engage in as an adult. You want to be as ready as possible before the moving men arrive but packing up the house that you currently live in isn’t always the issue. Preparing your new house, that’s the new thing on your to-do list. Planning, packing, making lists, viewing houses – all of these things can consume your time and your days for months on end, but where’s the list that tells you how to prepare your new house for you to move in?
Your new home may not be a new build. It may not have even been built in the last ten years. Either way, you will have had inspections and surveys done on your home before you got there, and you’ll know what the existing issues could be – if there are any, of course. Despite the time you’ve taken to pack up and get everything in order with address changes and checking out school districts, you don’t want to think about the challenges that you will have to face in your new property. Some of these challenges may not even register on the radar; why would you need to think about pest and cockroach control when the house has stood vacant for some time? And yet, this is exactly the type of thing that you should be thinking about. Your home has to be perfect for you to move right into and settle down as quickly as possible, and this will mean that you have to put some work into it before you move in.
Person Holding Door Lever and Key

Your house could have issues within it that you mentally made a note of when you went and had a look around. The carpets, for example, may be totally outdated despite the beautifully huge living room you’re about to call your own. Your kitchen cabinets? They’re not yours; you didn’t choose them, and you didn’t install them. Replacing these is not a small job, and it’s not a cheap one, either. You must always weight the cost of every job you want to complete when you move in, and it’s not always the financial cost, it’s the cost for your quality of life while work is being completed and done. Where you can, any building work and replacement carpets and flooring should be done a few days before you move in. You’ll get that lovely new carpet smell along with a home that is perfect and ready for you to live in right away. There are other projects that you need to complete before you move in, and we’ve got six of those for you below:
Paint Work.
There is nothing nice about moving into a house that has been newly painted when it’s all that you can smell. But the one thing that most homes need before a move in is completed is a new look. Being able to give the house a total refresh? That’s invaluable and if you have the money for the paint, then you have to rope in as many friends and family members as you can to help – especially if you have no plans to hire a company to do it for you. Everyone should bring food or chip in for pizza, but the actual painting shouldn’t take too long.
Crown Molding.
It’s not for everyone, but it can really refresh the look of the house if you install it around the whole house. It is still considered to be a luxury item to have in the home, and if you have the cash and the inclination to have crown molding in every room, then why not go for it?
Lock Changing.
Moving into a new property is exciting but security is even more exciting than that. Landlords, maintenance men and even previous tenants could still have copies of the key to the house. While it’s highly unlikely anyone will be letting themselves in, is it really worth the risk? You could get all your locks changed with a local locksmith and spend a little less than you anticipated and all in the name of your security.
Closet Refresh.
Adding storage to the closets before you move in can make it SO much easier to unpack. You’ve already done the flatpacks and hanging the sections to separate your clothes, and all you need now is to unpack everything and get it organised. Get the new furniture that needs home assembly done a few days before you move in; you’ll thank yourself when you’re not trying to assemble furniture while you unpack a whole house.
Outlet Work. Some homes need an upgrade in electrics, from the outlets to the wiring in certain areas of the home. The older the house, the less likely you won’t need wiring help. Adding fans and air conditioning can work wonders, and you can upgrade your lighting to suit you by adding new fixture, fittings and even spotlights.
Storage. Did you know that you can build storage and shelving into your garage? If you plan to have a car in there, you may need to think about storage that goes vertically up the walls instead of taking up floor space. Think about waterproofing your garage, too, so that you don’t end up with a damp space in the spring.

Your new house is going to be – hopefully – your forever home. Working on it while you can is so important, and you need to make it more than just a house with four walls. Make it a home that you can be proud of, so that all your hard work pays off.

Monday, August 27, 2018

3 Subtle Things That Help You Save Money On Home Ownership

Loads of people think that owning a home is such a financial relief. They assume that life will be much cheaper now that you’re no longer renting a place. On the contrary, raising a family and owning a home can be very expensive.

Consequently, I want to help everyone save as much money as possible when owning a property. The great news is, all it takes are a few subtle changes to save an absolute fortune.

Compare Prices For Everything

There’s no shortage of price comparison website out there, so you may as well make the most of them. Whenever you need to buy something for your home, compare the price of it. Whether we’re talking about your energy provider, some new windows, or even your grocery bill - compare as many prices as you can. It’s not rocket science, this is no revolutionary tactic, it’s just simple logic. By comparing prices, you will find the cheapest provider of everything you need. This means you save money, rather than waste it by paying for things that you can get much cheaper elsewhere.

Buy Package Bundles

Every family will rack up pretty hefty bills each month. You’ve got your gas & electricity, internet, phone, TV, water, and so on. Too many of us make the error in paying for all of these things separately. You have one provider of electricity, one for gas, etc. Instead, buy package bundles that combine multiple things into one bill. You can easily find ones for gas & electricity, wifi and cable, or even one that bundles internet, phone, and your TV bill, all into one. If you shop around, you’ll find that bundles save so much money compared to paying for things separately. Not only that, but they’re also easier to pay, meaning you have a fraction of the bills to chase up.

Actually Fix Problems

This last piece of advice is for anyone out there that likes to tiptoe around problems. Every home will undergo some problems in its lifespan, that’s just factual. From a leaky faucet to a small hole in the roof, any problem can be costly. The issue is, loads of us will avoid actually fixing the problem in favor of finding easier and cheaper solutions. For example, instead of fixing the leak, you put a bucket under it to prevent it from damaging your home. You may think little things like this are genius ways of saving money, but they’re not. Why? Because all problems need fixing eventually. If you actually fix a problem right away, then it saves you money. How? Well, the longer you leave an issue, the worse it becomes. Therefore, it becomes harder to fix, meaning it costs more money. Plus, it could also create additional problems in your home, which also require fixing. So, actually fix any problems in your home as soon as you notice them, and this will save money throughout your life.

Home ownership doesn’t need to be as costly as you initially think. The three things I’ve discussed are all subtle things that make a significant difference. Give them a go, then watch the savings roll in.

How to Create Your Own Video Game Room

Diana Smith is here today on the blog to share about Creating your own video game. Check out these fun tips!
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is one of those proverbs that hit the nail right on the head – humans are complex beings that need to unwind from time to time. We all pick our own poison, but one of the harmless and the most entertaining one is definitely a gaming hobby. Now imagine a scenario where you are coming back from a long day at work and, after a refreshing shower, you head straight into your entertainment corner, a part of the household that is completely dedicated and retooled to fulfill your unquenchable desire to quest and grind. If you have a luxury of dedicating an entire room to this activity, here’s how to create your own video game room.

Lighting makes it or breaks it
If you are looking around your household, trying to discern what the best nook for creating your ultimate video gaming paradise is, turn to lighting as the factor that makes it or breaks it. Try to retain as much control of the lighting options as possible. If you are within financial means to install the lighting grid that works on a remote and which is modular when it comes to intensity, you are in for a treat. The intensity of light means a lot for the functionality of the game room – you do not want it to be stronger than the glare from the monitor and you don’t want it to be faint enough so you cannot discern the buttons on the keyboard or the controller.

Immersion is the key
The primary function of a video-game room is to create a sense of absolute immersion. For this reason, you will need to find the best gaming monitor, top-notch furniture and a cutting edge surround sound system. These are the bare bones elements needed for a game room. Still, if you live in a household with other family members that do not share your passion, loud sound effects might be a step too far. In order to retain the sense of immersion without having to turn the volume down, you should also consider “backup” elements such as high quality headphones.
Eliminate the window factor
It has also been mentioned that lighting makes or breaks the game room, but the lack of lighting is equally as important. The absence of windows in the game room will also definitely help when it comes to adding immersion – this is why so many people create the windowless game room in the cellar. If the room has windows, either add curtains or install blinds so you wouldn’t be distracted by anything within your view but what happens on the screen.

Soundproof it
Of course, if you find headphones to be too awkward, not to mention the fact that most available models practically have “pillows” that will heat your head up, you should probably invest in soundproofing. In fact, as soon as you decide to dedicate a room in your household to entertainment, you should see about updating your light grid and sound insulation immediately in order to kill two flies with one blow.
This can be done in many ways but the most painless one is to simply add another layer of insulation sound panels on the existing walls and cover them with a thin layer of stylized panels that can serve as an aesthetic “reinvention” of sorts. It makes much more sense than tearing down walls – which can easily turn the entire project into a bona fide nightmare.

Ottomans are a “game room must-have”
Apart from a comfy armchair and maybe a couch, you should purchase at least one ottoman for your game room, preferably two. The fact of the matter is that they are simply too convenient – they can double as tables for your snacks and drinks and serve as additional seating items or simply rest places for your feet. For these reasons, they have become the obligatory part of the “game room” furnishing.

Game rooms and the prominent gaming culture are the hallmarks of modern age. It is such an interesting phenomenon because, as far as most people are concerned, for as long as civilization exists, an “evening of games” was a kids’ fare. However, once you look beneath the surface, you will actually realize that adults have also always played – a variety of sports and competitive games have been deemed “adult” since forever. This is why an accomplished adult should feel every right to create a video-game room, should they desire so.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

How to Prepare Your House for Vibrant and Vivacious Children

You are a super busy mother, who always has a tonne going on at home; no matter how many kids you have you can quite quickly lose track of the days and the week will fly by before you even know it. They say that a happy Mom is an organized one, so it might be time to make some small changes to your home right now. Make your house super comfortable, prepared and fun for your kids to start growing up. You need the best kitchen equipment, the perfect garden toys and some spectacular ideas for a rainy day too. Your home is a very different place than it was a few years ago; you have to baby proof everything, keep the expensive breakables out of reach and also stock the cupboards full of nutritious, kid-friendly snacks. You realize that life will never be the same again now that you have little ones to care for, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. Allowing your kids to grow up in a healthy and friendly environment will give them the best start in life. Change up a few things around the house, invest in some new equipment and you will be the most prepared mom in town!
Food is the Way to their Hearts

Every family should always have a fully stocked kitchen bursting delicious ingredients that are going to make everybody feel warm and satisfied. Before you start filling up the pantry you need to make sure you have the best kitchen equipment possible to make fulfilling and nutritious meals. Every household needs a good supply of high quality pots and pans, so check out these stainless steel cookware reviews. Investing in a brand new collection of cookware will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to invest in some amazing utensils and electrical kitchen gadgets too; if your little ones love juice then why not buy a juicer for the kitchen? You can fill up their hungry tummies with a nutrient packed smoothie containing strawberries, Greek yoghurt, milk and organic rolled oats. Experimenting with new and delicious recipes will be much easier once you have a fully stocked kitchen bursting with amazing cookware and fresh ingredients. Getting the kitchen prepared is one of the biggest steps you can make towards having a more organised, healthy and well-prepared household.

Limit Television Time

It can be very easy to plonk the little ones in front of the television and keep them quiet for a couple of hours. There is nothing wrong with allowing your children to watch a film from time to time, but make sure this isn’t on a regular basis. Use TV time as a treat or save this activity for a rainy day; there are so many other ways that you can enhance their knowledge and stimulate their minds, so get creative and allow them to use their imagination in other ways.

Get Creative

When you are stuck for ideas and activities to entertain the kids, why not get creative in the kitchen or research some fun craft ideas? You could make cupcakes, smoothies and healthy snacks to teach the children how to have fun in the kitchen. Similarly, you could also allow them to create cards, projects and paint pictures. Try not to worry about them making too much of a mess when they are enjoying their creative activities. As long as they are having fun, that’s all that matters.

A little boy taking strawberries off of a cutting board on the countertop

Have a Rainy Day Bucket List

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside on a rainy day, so you need some backup plans just in case. Now would be the perfect time to cook some popcorn and throw on their favourite Disney film for a rainy afternoon. You could also get creative in the kitchen, make a den or colour in a floor-sized masterpiece on a huge piece of paper. Pull out the costume box and allow them to dress up as their favourite characters; sometimes a boring rainy day can turn out to be the best day they have ever had!

Be as Active as Possible

It is important to show your children the importance of having an active and healthy lifestyle. If you are a bit of a couch potato who likes to slob around in pyjamas all day, then it is most likely going to reflect onto the little ones one day. Have fun as a family running around in the park, playing football and going for long afternoon walks. The more active they can be when they are young, the healthier and happier they will grow up. They will also burn off way more energy so they sleep well at night!

Make the Garden Super Fun

Sometimes you have a lot of housework to do, so a day out isn’t always possible. Fill your garden will fun and stimulating activities so that you can get on with the chores whilst the kids burn off steam. A vegetable garden for kids is an awesome idea as it will show them where fresh herbs and vegetables come from. Show them how to care for plants, flowers and greenery in the garden, so it gives them a sense of responsibility to work towards. As well as having slides and toys outdoors you can also include educational activities like these.

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside the house and feeling totally unprepared for the day ahead. If you follow these guidelines closely you will soon feel more organized than ever and your super-mom cape will be flowing gracefully in the wind. Keeping a bunch of little ones happy can always be a huge challenge, but you aren’t alone. Make sure you share the burdens with your partner, family and friends so that you can get a short break once in a while. Play dates are always a great idea as it gives you the chance to hang out with grown-ups once in a while too. Adapt your home, structure your life and you will have the happiest household around.