Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ideas To Unlock The Potential Of Your Large Bedroom

The standard bedroom set - bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, perhaps a chest of drawers - is popular across the world, but there is no denying this set can be… limited. If you have a larger-than-normal bedroom space, you may find that the standard bedroom set does not sufficiently fill the space, and you are left with blank areas that are difficult to incorporate into the rest of the design.

While there is no denying that having too much space is a good problem to have, it is still a problem - and one which the ideas below may help you to solve.

Same furniture; more of it

If you have a large bedroom space you are struggling to fill, then the simplest solution to the problem is to opt for the traditional bedroom items, but in higher volume. Where many bedrooms will feature a single wardrobe or chest of drawers, you can double-up, and enjoy the benefits of more storage space.

Install an ensuite

While undoubtedly a radical change, installing an ensuite is an excellent way of making use of your leftover bedroom space. The type of ensuite you are able to achieve largely depends on the space you have available; a small shower room can fit within just a few square feet, while an entire bathroom could be possible in larger spaces.

Create a living space

While the bedroom may primarily be reserved for rest and relaxation, there’s no reason not to create a living area from unused space. It’s best to use a rug to help create separation for the the area, then add a coffee table and a seating option such as a sofa or overstuffed bean bag chair for usable comfort. You can use the space to read, relax, or prop up your smartphone on the coffee table to watch a movie - a particularly useful choice if your family are using the main TV to watch something that is of little interest to you.

Add a walk-in closest

Walk-in closets are a natural choice for free space in the bedroom, either to be used in isolation or in addition to an existing wardrobe. This change is surprisingly easy to achieve; there are plenty of guides online if you wish to DIY yourself, or you can outsource to a professional for around $1,000. While this is a time-consuming or expensive task, it’s worth noting that walk-in closets are thought to increase the potential value of your home, so you could stand to profit from this choice in future.

Lean artwork

Most of us display artwork on walls, but large framed prints can be surprisingly effective when they are placed on the floor and leant against the wall. This creates a casual, “studio” vibe that can really complement the rest of your decor, prevents the need to drill into the walls, and fills unused space successfully, making it a great choice all-around.

In conclusion

If you have a larger-than-average bedroom, the above ideas are all great choices that help you maximize the use of the space - enjoy!

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