Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen?

For some, outdoor kitchens are excessive, but they might change their minds if they understood the many benefits that accompany the cooking space. For others, outdoor kitchens are a dream, and there is good reason why. Cooking outdoors, especially during the summer, is a fantastic way to entertain your family and friends all the while keeping the mess where it should be – outside. That’s just one benefit, however. There are many others that come with this remodeling option.

Increase Your Home’s Value/Save on Utility Bills

Aside from the entertainment factor, the number one benefit of an outdoor kitchen is it boosts the value of your home exponentially. This remodel is in hot demand these days, and those who have an outdoor kitchen usually tack on at least a couple of thousand dollars to their investment depending on the size of and amenities in the space. Whether you want to sell your home or keep it, you will still see an increase in the property’s value with your brand new outdoor kitchen space.

You will also realize more money in utility bill savings. When you cook outside during the summer, you keep the indoors cooler. Many people don’t consider how much cooking inside increases the home’s temperature, but it does, and when it does, the air conditioner works harder to maintain the desired climate. Prevent your AC from working overtime by baking and cooking outside. Many things can be baked and cooked on the grill, and you can also install a solar oven for added savings.

Decrease Indoor Cooking Smells

Your husband may make the best curry in the world, but you could do without the smell indoors. For days, your home smells like an Indian or Thai restaurant, and you don’t even want to think about the times he smashes open the fresh garlic. Send the hubsters outside to create his amazing Asian, Indian, and Italian foods. When you have a full-service kitchen on your back patio, you can avoid cooking stink inside, which makes it a pleasanter environment and reduces child and teenager complaints. It also prevents the kids from deciding they won’t like it based on the smell alone.

Increase Your Quality of Life

The above gives you a better quality of life, but so does the extra living space. When you can relax outdoors on your patio with your family and friends, you’ll be surprised how much stress you relieve. An outdoor cooking and eating space is something you can enjoy day and night, and it also helps you create healthier food. Grilling meats and vegetables makes them taste better and reduces unhealthy fats. You’ll also save money when you grill at home rather than hit your favorite steakhouse once a week. How much money do you spend at restaurants? Imagine the savings you’ll fetch grilling at home.

What Does Your Kitchen Need?

Depending on how you entertain, your outdoor kitchen should have a bar, ceiling fan(s), full-service grill, lighting, pizza/solar oven, preparation surface, refrigerator, smoker, and storage space for your food, including a heating drawer. Add to that your chairs and tables, an entertainment system, fire pit, lighting, plants, and anything else you can think of to make the space inviting and desirable. Don’t forget to add everything to your homeowners insurance to protect it all, because once your kitchen is done, you, your family, and your friends are going to be living out there.

Is this over the top? No, not really. You probably already have a barbecue on your patio, so why not upgrade to a full-service outdoor kitchen. When you take into account the added value to your home yet reduced utility bills, the boost to your quality of life, and a way to keep everyone fed, healthy, and happy, including the teenagers, this renovation is a no-brainer. First outdoor kitchen. Next, dream, in-home spa. Why not? You deserve the best!

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