Monday, September 17, 2018

3 Essential Nursery Ideas For Your Little One

Even though your nesting instinct has emerged and you are busying yourself with purchasing more muslin than you can shake a stick at, organizing the diapers Jenga style and cleaning the oven in the middle of the night, you still haven’t finalized nursery plans. The anxiety levels you have been feeling are now slowly hitting breaking point, and you need to whip out the paint, source appropriate furniture and get the baby friendly room ready for your imminent arrival. The unconditional love you feel for your firstborn is indescribable but so is your innate need to nurture and comfort them. The nursery that you create needs to be the part of the home that your little one feels most peaceful, comfortable and loved. Take a look at these awesome nursery ideas for your cherub.

The Cot

Your baby will be sleeping a lot for the first few months. You should be investing some of your hard earned cash in the best crib you can buy. Try to take a look at the many non toxic baby cribs available. These frames and mattresses don’t contain any of the glues or chemicals that other cribs can contain. Less toxic substances mean that your baby can sleep in a wholly natural environment. Alongside this health conscious way to put your baby to bed, you should also be checking out non-toxic rugs, low toxicity paints, and hypoallergenic teddy bears and mattresses. It’s vital that you can create the most conducive environment to sleep and rest for your little one.

Interior Design

Just because your baby won’t know his Galliano wallpaper from his Vuitton mural, doesn’t mean you can’t inject a little bit of flair into the environment. A bold design will be too busy, distracting and preventing sound sleep. Instead, keep the walls a neutral palette such as cream shades or magnolia tones, and utilize artwork or wall stencils to inject a bit of color. You might want to use some of your own artistic talent to write your little one’s name on their wall. You could create a black and white picture gallery, full of the most important people in your baby’s life such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins.

Fabrics can play an important role in obtaining that Hygge ethos. The Danish cozy feeling that a tactile fabric can bring means that your baby will always feel snug, warm and loved in their little nursery space.


It’s worthwhile spending some time to consider where your little darling’s clothes will be kept, where you’ll store the diapers and where their toy box will be situated. By looking into this now, you can configure a room layout ideal for your baby’s needs and wants. Baby changing units now allow you to see to your baby’s needs while having drawer units underneath for all of the much needed essentials. This makes it easier for you, as a new mom, to remain calm and unflustered when stressful situations arise.

Welcoming a new little one into your life can be daunting, but it is also the most special and love inducing experience. Use these ideas to inspire your nursery plans and enjoy becoming a new mommy.

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