Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Creating the Perfect Spa in Your Own Home

Creating the perfect spa in your own home isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, all it might take is a little bit of DIY and some luxurious touches. If you aren’t one for DIY and you would instead get some professional in for a remodel then check out While remodeling might sound like a big job, the truth is not only will it add to the value of your home, but it will also add to your self-care routine.

Photo by Arnold Leung on Unsplash

So, let’s dive right into creating the perfect spa bathroom.

Focus on color

Colour is a very psychological thing. Perhaps not surprisingly, if you decorate in bright pinks and oranges, you’re not likely to be able to relax as much as if say, you paint with blues and greens. In general, the ideal colors will be something earthy and neutral. The visual appeal of your bathroom is a crucial element in creating that spa feeling. You will often find real spas have browns, greens, and light gray - as well as opening up the bathroom, so it looks more substantial. You will also be bringing some of those gorgeous outdoors colors in. Nature is pretty relaxing to look at.

Dimmer Switches

Fluorescent lights can shock the system and aren’t the most flattering. Installing a soft, warm-toned bulb is the first step here. In general we feel safe and relaxed in lower lighting, and of course the warm water. Imagine having a long soak in the tub, with warm, flattering light. While you can DIY this one, it is probably better to get a professional in.


Part of what makes a spa so wonderful is that they are filled with delicate scents. Here are the most relaxing candle scents.

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Sweet Orange
  • Myrrh
  • Geranium
  • Bergamot

Lighting any of these, or purchasing a candle with a combination of these scents will fill the room and help with relaxation.


Unsurprisingly clutter doesn’t aid relaxation. As part of your spa creation, ensure you have enough storage for things like toilet paper, multiple bubble bath bottles, and cleaning products. While checking out new storage options, it is also the ideal time to throw out those things that you just aren’t using. For anything that you want to have out for everyday use, like toothbrush, Q-tips and cotton pads, then get some clear plastic or glass containers. They add an effortless touch of class and are neat too.


Whether it is jungle sounds, ocean waves or the current top 40, music in the background can change the whole feel of a room.

Softly, Softly

Invest in some memory foam bath mats, when stepping out of the bath having something soft and lush is the perfect way to round your spa time off. Try and pick up a shower curtain that matches your aesthetic too.

By bringing in some of these elements, you can create a calm and cozy atmosphere, ideal for putting on a hair mask, face mask and relaxing in a lavender scented home spa of your own creation.

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