Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Natural Haven: 4 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the wilds of Wisconsin or the 22nd floor of a sky-tickling apartment block, there is something super-special about nature. It’s a tonic for tired eyes. It’s that seemingly endless fountain of rejuvenation; a place of peace and piece of quiet where you can run off to when you need to escape the humdrum of everyday life when the madness gets a little too overwhelming. That’s what we love about it. We love the way a simple stroll through a park can recharge our batteries, an afternoon on the beach can fill our lungs with fresh air and a weekend camping can make our imagination spark like a cattle prod gone haywire. To put it simply: a quick pit stop in Mother Nature can give us the energy we need to jump back into our normal lives.

With that in mind, why the heck wouldn't you try and emulate some of that magic in your own humble abode? Why wouldn’t you want to fill your home with nature and lap up all those rejuvenating qualities?

That’s where we come in because we’ve pulled together a list of amazing ways you can try to bring the great outdoors indoors, waking up to the power and beauty of nature every single day. Enjoy.

1. Hang With The Places You Love
Nothing is going to make your home feel more at home with nature than decorating it with images, paintings, and photographs of your favorite spots. You might feel most at peace hiking through a forest of huge redwood trees, or camping on a beach with morning views over a horizon-touching ocean, or having a picnic on the tractor tracks of a harvested wheat field. Whatever your dream spot, you should hang images of those beautiful places in your home. Trust us: they are so powerful that hanging them at different points around your home will make you feel more relaxed and peaceful than you ever deemed possible. Of course, the bigger the picture the more relaxed you will feel. From triptychs to gallery walls, framed photographs to statues - you can use anything you like.

2. Welcome To The Jungle
There is only one that can make a room feel more rejuvenating and peaceful than having a houseplant you absolutely love in the corner and that’s having hundreds of houseplants. We’re talking about welcoming a jungle. Just think about it for a second. There are a thousand amazing reasons to have a plant in your home but, if you really want to harness that calming power of the great outdoors, you should fill your space with them. Go and buy all the different types of leafy plants you can; wild plants with different leaves, stems, heights, names, and shades. Mix in succulents and cacti, bring in a variety of houseplants, and then spread these out all over your home. That said, the trick is to keep this plant power to one nature-loving corner of each room. This way you will have somewhere relaxing you can slip off to when you need to immerse yourself in Mother Nature.

3. Open Your Home Up To The Outdoors
What cooler way is there to connect to the outside world than to have floor-to-ceiling windows that completely open up to bring the outdoors in; no barriers whatsoever between you and those relaxing superpowers. It doesn’t matter if you boast a wildly landscaped private courtyard, a narrow balcony that is full of potted plants and herbs, or a garden that doesn’t end, you need to speak to some French hinged and sliding glass door installers and make your home more connected to the outside world. Of course, that’s not possible for everyone, in which case you just need to think a little more creatively. Fill your window sills - inside and out - with plants to give you a better connection to nature and use window films to highlight the view you have of the sky. It’s about using what you have in the way of a view in the best way possible, that’s all.

4. Embracing A Different Nature
When people think about making their homes more nature-friendly, they tend to think of big glass walls, hundreds of houseplants and views over a manicured garden. But that doesn’t have to be the case by any means. In fact, one of the coolest ways you can embrace nature in your home is to mimic the moodiness of a storm. Instead of going with bright, vibrant and sunshine-loving shades, choose moody and subtle colors. Capture the atmosphere we all love when waiting for a storm to roll in; that feeling of getting all cozy and relaxed as thunder rings out. All you need to do is use a dramatic palette of grays and light blues and you will have a whole new connection with nature.

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