Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Only Coaching Tips You'll Need To Turn A Group Of Star Players Into A Winning Team

We’re all familiar with the saying, ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’ It may be a cliche, but it’s true. When it comes to business, there’s nothing more important than having a cohesive team, which works together to reach targets and achieve goals. If you’re the boss, and you’re looking for ways to turn a group of star players into a winning team, here are some tactics to take on board.

Value every individual
A team is a group of people, but that doesn’t mean that you need to forget about the fact that the collective is made up of individuals. Every person within that team wants to feel valued and respected. If you don’t feel like you’re an important cog in the wheel, this can affect morale. As an employer, it’s brilliant to bring people together, but don’t underestimate the importance of recognizing individual objectives and strengths. Make time for discussions and meetings, let everyone speak, and don’t forget to arrange one-on-one sessions too. Some people are naturally more outgoing and outspoken than others, and you don’t want to quieter members of staff to fade into the background when louder voices can be heard.

Have fun
When you get to the office for 9am, you know you’re there to work, but there’s no harm in having a bit of fun from time to time. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. As an employer, make it your mission to create a positive environment. Encourage your staff to get to know each other by spending time together socially and organizing fun team building activities. We spend an average of 37 hours per week at work, so there’s nothing wrong with taking an hour or so to do something that breaks up the working week and lets everyone have a laugh together.

Clarify goals
Clarity is essential when it comes to working towards collective goals. Every member of the team should be aware of the end goal, as well as their role in reaching that mark. Set out objectives from the outset, arrange regular meetings to check on progress, and make sure you’re approachable. If people have questions, for example, you want them to be able to ask you or their line manager, rather than trying to stumble through and potentially make mistakes.

Work together, celebrate together
When you watch football, you see every player joining an excitable huddle when somebody scores. If you’ve been working tirelessly on a project, you hit the deadline, and you got great feedback from your clients, celebrate your success together. You don’t have to lay on a lavish meal or give everybody a bonus, but make sure you acknowledge the achievement. Go for a drink after work, finish early on a Friday afternoon, or organize an outing to the theater, the movies, or a theme park. Rewarding hard work will boost morale and encourage your employees to commit to every task wholeheartedly.

If you’ve got a host of talented players in front of you, your mission should be to create a winning team. Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas, and you’ll be hitting targets in no time.

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