Monday, September 3, 2018

Transform Your Home Into A Relaxing Sanctuary In 3 Simple Steps

Having your little darlings were the most precious and magical events of your life. Nothing will top that immediate feeling of unconditional love, the joy you get from seeing your cherubs smile, laugh and play, and the sense of completeness you now feel. However, alongside all the gushing emotional saccharine that comes with becoming a parent, the overnight destruction of your home is an unpleasant side effect. You are now resigned to seeing kids toys strewn across every room of the house, bottles taking up the kitchen counter and muslin in all sorts of random nooks and crannies. Your home has become a haven for clutter. Isn’t it about time that you took control and created a haven of relaxation instead?


You need to find a space in your home that is solely an adult zone. This needs to be your space to chill out, relax and retreat when the clutter gets too much. The ideal zone in your humble abode to cordon off as your kids free space is your bathroom. With a bathroom remodel, you can ship out the rubber ducks, non-slip baby tub and wet wipes, to replace them with candles, luxury bubble bath and mood lighting. Rather than giving your bathroom a good scrub, why not consider a whole new look for your sanctuary? Consider tiling your walls floor to ceiling for a boutique hotel room look, make space for a roll-top bathtub and add an elegant mirror to complete your sophisticated look. A bathroom without a diaper in sight makes for a more relaxing environment.

Sell Up

As soon as your little bundles of joy are too big for their bibs, vests and toys, it’s time to ship them out. If you’re planning on adding to your brood, you can store any items that you want to keep in your attic or basement. However, if you no longer have use for them, why not make some money from the baby gear you’ve accrued? You could head onto many well known auction sites to try and shift your unwantables and try and raise some cash for your mission to make your home into a relaxing sanctuary. By de-cluttering, you will inevitably make your humble abode a more stress-free environment.

Get A Routine

Having a new little bundle of joy in the house tends to mean your routines go out of the window as you get used to a new human being in your home. Instead of allowing the washing up to build or the dust to settle on your carpet, try to fight through the new mom fatigue and clean your home in the same way as you did pre-childbirth. It’s tough to begin with, but finding this routine can help you settle down with a glass of wine in front of the TV and enjoy a movie rather than be preoccupied with the mountain of laundry you need to do.

Becoming a parent is life changing. However, it is also home changing too. Follow this guide to ensure your pad can become a haven of relaxation once again.

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