Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What's The Curb Appeal Of The 21st Century?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, it’s impossible to have missed the many designers’ ideas about your curb appeal. Should you paint the door? Do you need flowers at the front or would a friendly message on the doormat do? Whatever your worries, you can be sure that someone has already given it some thoughts.
But ultimately, the attractiveness of your property and its surroundings matters, and that’s precisely why you have to look after the street view too. While the term curb appeal has been especially coned for the real estate market, there is no denying that your house appearance also has an impact on your relationship with your neighbors, your feeling of satisfaction and your overall sense of safety. But make the outside of your home too appealing, and you can be sure that you’ll attract a variety of nosy individuals from Instagram influencers looking for their next popular photo to burglars on the loose hunting for their future target. Unfortunately, too many lifestyle and home decor publications have taken over the very meaning of the street view. At the heart of it, your house is a place where you can be yourself. It offers safety, comfort and all the necessary functions to fulfill your lifestyle. Similarly, the outside of your property needs to match your interior – not in terms of decor, but in terms of purpose. In other words, it should be a continuation of your home feeling and provide you with the safety, comfort, and functions you need.

Who needs curb appeal?
First of all, let’s ask the important question that nobody asks, namely who needs a house with curb appeal? If you’re trying to sell the property, it’s fair to say that you’ll be looking at all the possible options to make your home looks irresistible to potential buyers. A flagrant and beautiful maintained garden can welcome your prospects – most homeowners also know the famous trick of the warm coffee smell to make the interior feel more inviting. But when you’re not trying to sell, who needs a pleasant curb appeal? You do. Who wants to get back home to a gloomy looking property? Making the exterior of your house look good affects you positively. You’re more likely to feel at home when you’re back after a long day at work – or a quick trip to the shop!
Additionally, if you love inviting friends and relatives over, you can make sure they are happy to come by welcoming them with a clean driveway and a freshly mown front garden. It’s your way of showing that you want them to feel at home here too. And finally, your neighbors have a lot to say about what your house looks like. Bear in mind that neighbors can only see the outside of your property – keeping it tidy ensures that you care about the neighborhood.

Keep the moisture at bay
A house that looks tidy from the outside is a sturdy house. Indeed, an overgrown garden can dissimulate potentially serious issues, from pest infection to risk of flooding – when the soil can’t absorb the water anymore. Similarly, an old facade that has not been looked after can become a major risk area for the house. Your exterior walls are designed to keep the home dry. Indeed, the main reason homeowners paint their exterior walls is to waterproof them – assuming you are using the appropriate products. Lack of waterproofing care can lead to water infiltration, which can cause mold formation and weaken the structure of your home. In humid areas where the walls are exposed to rainwater and high humidity, water penetration is only a matter of time for the careless homeowners.
Similarly, your roof too acts as a protection. Clearing up your gutters can ensure that the rainwater can escape instead of remaining stagnant and being absorbed by the structure. Old roofs need to be renovated every 20 to 40 years – depending on the type of roof. The TEMA Design-Build service delivers a custom-made roof in record time, keeping your home safe for longer. In short, the first rule of curb appeal is to maintain the safety of the house.

A gate or no gate?
With more and more homeowners worried about their privacy and their security, the idea of a gateless property can be terrifying. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the presence of a gate in a small neighborhood can affect your integration in your local community. If none of your neighbors opted for a gate, the addition of one could send the wrong message – a message of distrust to your community. Similarly, a gate can also affect your view from the surroundings. Do you really want to invite your friends for a cup of coffee and sit down in the lounge to watch over the great big shadow of your gate progressing menacingly towards the house? Nowadays, more often than not, homeowners choose to add a gate that can act both as protection and stylish factor. A customized gate can ensure the protection of your privacy while keeping a friendly and elegant sight to your neighbors.

How a fence can destroy your curb appeal
Very similar to the gate, a fence can equally affect your relationship with your neighbors and the overall appeal of your property. High fences make your home look like a fortified prison – you can be sure that nobody will want to visit even if you invite them. Besides, a high fence is likely to block the sunlight, for you or your neighbors – causing potential issues in the long term. Unless you have young children or a pet, a fence isn’t also a necessary addition. But if you do add a fence, you can opt for elegant neutral colors that will blend in the neighborhood. Soft gray or vibrant blue can make your property appear stylish, giving your fence a friendly touch.

Should I add colors to the front of the house?
Painting your exterior walls or wood home siding is an essential step of home maintenance, as it ensures your property remains waterproof. Nevertheless, waterproofing doesn’t stop you from having fun with the exterior color of your home. A lot of homeowners tend to pick neutral colors that blend into the neighborhood – cream, white, beige and pale gray are favorites. However, you can use a statement color or combination, just like this couple from Pennsylvania who fought their homophobic neighbors with a rainbow facade. In most cases, it’s best to check with your direct neighbors, as they will be the people seeing your exterior wall from their living room windows every day.

A front garden that is welcoming
What is a welcoming front garden? Indeed, a lot of properties tend to have a driveway at the front, which leaves little room for gardening. However, you can create a sense of harmony with the combination of high-quality pavement and geometric bushes and shrubs. The green patches will counterbalance the urban gray and dark colors of the drive. Old-fashioned properties can add flowers – pick plants that are easy to maintain such as lavender, heather, and crocus – along the path.

Keep your car clean
It might sound like a silly thing to say, as your car is not entirely part of your curb appeal. However, as most people tend to park the car in front of their house, it ultimately belongs to the street view of your property. You can be sure that a dirty vehicle will affect the overall appearance of your home and make it look messy. You should keep your car clean - especially if it’s an old vehicle that needs to be polished and waxed. You can wash your car by hand – you’ll get better results than through an automatic system. The purpose of the exercise is not only to complement the curb appeal of your home, but it’s also a way to protect your vehicle from the weather.

You need a bin box
What do you do with your trash cans? While this might seem unrelated, you need to consider that most people keep their bins outside so that they can take them into the street on collection days. As a result, your curb appeal might be affected by the presence of a bin in your garden or against the side wall of your house. Needless to say, while bins are a necessity, they are not the most elegant display of home ownership. But you can build a wooden container in which to keep your bins. All you need to do is to roll them out on collection days.

Think of your security
Finally, we live in the 21st century. It’s the age of electronic, digital and smart control. You can add a modern layer of protection to your exterior walls with the installation of a CCTV system. The presence of cameras can discourage burglars. More importantly, while they might affect the overall aesthetic of your property, they also keep your safe, which is the core function of your home.

In conclusion, curb appeal goes beyond the laws of decor and style. You need to consider your integration into the local community, your protection and your privacy. Next time you think of improving your curb appeal, remember what your home is about in the first place!


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