Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Why Do Unwanted Guests Pick Your Home?

Receiving guests can be wonderful experience during which you can showcase both your home and your hospitality talent. But there are guests that nobody wants to see in their home. Unwanted guests. And if you're going to get rid of them, you need to understand first what makes your home so appealing to them. Spoiler alert: it’s not your tasteful interior decor!

Who are the unwanted guests?
The first and most important question, maybe, is to think carefully about the type of guests who find their way inside your home without having been invited. If you can’t think of anybody, here’s a clue: Scratches in the walls. By any standard, if you hear scratches sounds inside your walls and roof, it’s likely that you have a pest infestation. Most commonly, mice and other small rodents tend to build a nest by chewing at your plaster and brickwork. In the long term, they affect the structure of your home and can also represent a considerable health risk for your family. You can also find other types of guests, such as insects.

They find a point of entry
Most unwanted guests didn’t specifically get out of their way to find your home. The reason they’ve chosen it is because your property presents a natural entry point. What this means is that your roof might be partially damaged through old age and expose unexpected openings – if you hear scratching sounds in your loft, you might want to get in touch with experts such as J&J Northwoods Construction Inc. to repair your roof. Other common access points can be an old basement, a ventilation pipe or even through under the door – old structures can move and disturb the door alignment.

They are not going to be disturbed
If you have a garage or a garden shed that is left unused, it can be the perfect place for rodents to live. Gradually, they might become more reckless and enter the house. You need to tackle the problem at its source, namely by decluttering the shed and giving it a deep clean. Any space that you don’t use regularly can be targeted.

Free food forever
Do you live in an old house that has a large pantry space? More often than not, the food accumulates on the shelves, and you might find yourself forgetting about the items at the back of the shelves. When this happens, insects and rodents can take your forgetfulness for an act of kindness. After all, who would refuse free food? If you find droppings and crumbs in the pantry, it’s time to call an exterminator.

There is no threat
You don’t have any pet. While it’s not a flaw per se, it also means that unwanted guests have no reason to avoid your home. They feel safe enough to move in with you, eat the slices of toasts that have fallen at the back of the cupboard and build their nest in your fall. Sometimes, adopting a cat or a dog can make a great deal of difference, not only for your family lifestyle but also for your overall health at home! They will keep the pest at bay.

Rodents and insects are intelligent creatures. If they’ve chosen your home, it’s because you’ve made them welcome without knowing it!

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