Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How to Have Stress-Free Moving?

Diana Smith is here today on the blog to share some ideas on Stress-Free Moving. These are some great ideas if you are thinking about moving.

How to Have Stress-Free Moving?

The contracts were signed, the money was paid, and now you are ready to start a new chapter of your life by moving into a new home. All that is left to do is to pack all your belongings and, let’s face it – that can be a very hard and tiring task. That’s why you have to organize everything and make the unpacking easier. There are various useful tips that will enable you to avoid stress 100% and pack everything neatly before you call for the movers to come.
The preparation process
You will save yourself from a headache if you take some pre-moving steps. It may sound funny, but take a photo of all the cables plugged into your computers, TV and other electronic devices. That way, you won’t lose your nerve reading the instructions for hours in your new home.
Two days before moving, you should turn off your fridge and freezer and clean them from all the ice and melted water. Don’t buy too much food for a few days before the moving because if you do, there will be more boxes to pack and unpack, not to mention that many groceries will spoil if you keep them out of the fridge. After hours of hard work, treat yourself and your family with a delicious meal in one of the restaurants in Northern Beaches or get some takeaway and have a picnic beside the sea.

Organize the movers
After you pack everything, you will be drained from all your energy. Don’t push yourself to move all the stuff from your old house without help because you will be exhausted once you reach your new home. The streets of Sydney can be very crowded and you can get stressed out from worrying about how you will move everything on time. That’s why you should hire professional movers who will take care of your things and safely move them from your old place to your new house. An expert removalist from Sydney will make sure that your journey from Northern Beaches to the new place goes smoothly and without stress. Once they put your things in their trucks you can relax and follow them to your new home without worrying about anything.

Packing and all that jazz
There is no moving without boxes, and if you don’t have enough, ask for some in shops. You can get boxes that are absolutely perfect for packing glasses in liquor stores, for example. Use all the suitcases you have as well, especially the ones that have casters.
When you put heavy things in boxes, you should make carrying them a bit easier for your movers and yourself. Cut rectangular holes on the sides of the boxes – that way, it will be much easier to lift and carry heavy boxes.
Instead of putting your clothes in boxes, consider leaving them in your dressers. Ask the movers to wrap the dressers so the clothes don’t fall out. Leave the clothes on hangers and put them in boxes like that.
If you ran out of bubble wrap, don’t panic. Use towels to wrap the remaining dishes. After you pack everything, you want to make sure to label the boxes. However, it’s not enough to just write what’s inside them. Movers won’t know where to put each box so help them (and yourself) with one smart tip. Choose a color for every room, then get colored tape for the boxes and mark the rooms in the new home with the same color. E.g. pack your toiletries in boxes, put blue tape on it and write “bathroom”, then put a blue piece of paper on the bathroom doors at your new place.
One thing you must not forget is to pack an essentials box for the first days. Clothes, toiletries, medicine, dishes, cutlery, paper towels and everything else you will need as soon as you step over the threshold at your new home. That will give you some time to rest before you roll up your sleeves and start to unpack all those boxes.


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