Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Role of Grandparents in Your Child’s Life

Tracey Clayton is here to share on the importance of Grandparents in your Child's life. There are just not enough words for the relationship between your parents and your child. 


When we’re kids, our own grandparents are usually some of our favorite people in the world. Always ready to give us a smile, a hug, and a sweet to brighten our day, these are the people we turn to for easy kindness and gentle love. Now that we’re parents ourselves, it’s important to remember how much we cared for our own grandma and grandpa we were young, and how much their presence meant to us. Your children deserve the same opportunity, and they’ll be very thankful to have even more people in their lives who are ready to give them unconditional love.
Here’s why grandparents are so important, and how you can help your child build a good relationship with them.

There are no better babysitters than your folks

If you need an affordable childcare option, look no further! While they might not always be able to step in and they shouldn’t be the only people you rely on, they are often very eager to help you out and take in their grandkids while you rest or finish some important business. Not only that – your folks love you and want you to do well, so they could offer various other kinds of help around the house – cooking lunch, coming in to clean up when you’re overwhelmed, even helping fix things up. Talk to them when you’re in need of help, and as long as you don’t act like it’s their obligation to step in, they’re likely to jump at the opportunity to be there for you and your child.

They’ve been through it all

After all, they are your parents, so they probably know exactly what you’re going through. If there’s anyone you can ask for advice, it’s your folks. Even though the times have changed and parenting is different than it was before, they can still help you put things into perspective.

Your children can learn how to be caring

Sometimes your parents will need help too, and this is the perfect opportunity to teach your children how to be generous and kind to others. They can go to grandma’s house and bring her some cookies to put a smile on her face, or visit an ailing grandpa to brighten his day. In Australia, a lot of folks live in special retirement places, and family trips to visit them are a common practice. Nice places like Mark Moran Vaucluse retirement homes are beautiful and relaxing, so your child can come with you and keep them company. You shouldn’t worry about them being scared either – aging is a natural part of living and kids should be introduced to it slowly.  

They are a part of your history

Humans have a deep craving to know their own history, and most children are encouraged to explore their family trees in class. Your folks are a part of that history and depriving your kid of their presence could make them feel like there’s something missing. Grandparents are also usually full of interesting stories from their youth and they can talk about the time you were a child as well. Let your kid hear the funny stories about your mischief and they’ll connect with you on a deeper level.

Setting up boundaries

Of course, not all parent/child relationships are good, but for the sake of your kid, you should at least try to work on them. Unless your folks are extremely toxic in some way, they deserve a place in your life and if you’re worried about them meddling too much in the way you raise your family, you can always set some boundaries. It’s important to communicate and be patient because this will teach your child the same kind of skills. Bear in mind that if you push your parents away without a good reason, your child might do the same thing to you one day. So, be kind, but be firm about your boundaries, and always remember to talk things through.
If you want to have a big, happy family, it’s important to allow your child to nurture a good relationship with their grandparents. Let them be present and they’ll be eager to help and make your home a nicer place.
About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. She’s also passionate about fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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