Tuesday, November 27, 2018

6 Ways to help your kids cope with moving

According to a commercial relocation company, moving has a bigger impact on kids than they do on adults. Moving is such a troublesome idea. For some kids, it may even be traumatic. Parents can help their kids cope by doing the following steps:

Inform Them Early
Inform your kids early about the move. Don’t just drop the bomb on them because that could get them really worried. Give them time to get used to the idea and talk about it often. Be very excited about the move so they’ll eventually feel the same way.

Answer All Their Questions
Kids naturally ask too many questions. As far as the move is concerned, you’ve got to provide them with plenty of factual information to ease their minds. Don’t get their hopes up only to shatter them in the end. Be very honest with them and encourage them to ask even more questions. Then be prepared for their reactions to your answers in case you know they won’t like it.

Show Them the Place You’re Moving Into
If you can take your kids to where you’re moving, that would ease their worries a little. They’ll see for themselves the things that are in store for them on their new home. If you’re moving too far away and it’s impossible to take your kids there, try to collate images and interesting stuff from books or the web to show them their new place.

Let Them Express Their Sadness
You have to tell your kids that it’s okay to feel sad about the move. Ask them what you can do to make things better. Give them suggestions as to how to cope with it, like let them throw a party for their friends so they can bond for the last time. You may also help your kids write goodbye letters for the people that are most important to them.

Give Your Child Something to Look Forward to
You have to recognize the fact that moving can be very difficult for your child. So give them something good to look forward to so there’s at least something positive in their mind that’s associated with the move. You can tell them that they can paint and decorate their own room if they want to. You can also let them pack all the things that they want to bring and label the boxes. You may also promise to take your child shopping for new stuff to replace everything that they can’t take with them.

Plan Fun Activities When You Get to the New Place
Other great things to look forward to are the many activities that they can do in their new home. Is there a playground nearby where they can meet new friends? Can you take them out for pizza that can possibly be their new favorite place to hang out? Is there any club in their new school that they may be interested in? These are just some examples of activities that they may take pleasure in.

Do your best to make moving easier for your kids especially if it’s a long distance move. This is the time when they need your assistance the most. Prioritize their request no matter how trivial it may seem. It is very important that your kids adjust well to their new environment so it won’t affect them negatively.

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