Thursday, December 27, 2018

Embrace the Eclectic Style in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is like an oasis in every home, a place where you can relax after long and exhausting days. Adding your own personal touch to a mixture of styles can inspire you every time you enter the bathroom. If you want to improvise and be creative with design ideas, then an eclectic style is the best choice for your bathroom.

Play with the styles
The most beautiful thing about the eclectic style is the freedom you get with it. You don’t have to choose one style; you can add bits and pieces of various ones to design your bathroom. Mix the materials, place a wooden closet beside a metal towel rack. Hate to step out of the tub on dreadfully cold tiles? Put a rug on the floor! Don’t hesitate to use wallpapers with stripes or flowers, tiles with different patterns and colorful shelves.

Vintage charm
Retro-fans can finally have their five minutes and get the bathroom of their dreams! First of all, the floor can be covered with polka dots while the walls are painted in some soft tones or covered with simple white tiles. The tub should stand on its own while the tub filler goes up from the floor. Mix the past with the present by placing a wooden chair beside the tub. You can put your clean clothes on it while you are relaxing in a bubble bath. Beautiful and practical makes it a perfect combination!

Vintage faucets
If you prefer a modern-day tub but still want to have a bit of vintage style inside your bathroom, then you should consider getting vintage faucets and showing off your pipes. However, it will be impossible if your sewer system is blocked. Use the opportunity while you are renovating your bathroom to finally fix those blocked drains with the help from Pipe Relining Solutions. Get rid of all the tree roots, debris and other culprits that caused you so many headaches in the past.

Artistic bathroom
One way to give your bathroom an eclectic look is to bring some art inside. Use pale blue paint for the upper half of the walls and cover the lower half with white tiles. Add some dark backsplash where paint and tiles meet. Choose a few slate artworks that you want to hang on the walls and put them in frames whose color is similar to the backsplash.

Rustic accessories
Adding a little bit of country style in your modern bathroom will definitely change it into an eclectic spa. Put the claw-foot tub on wood blocks, adorn the mirror with a wooden frame or go for wood paneled walls – in other words, use natural materials as much as you can to breathe a rustic style in a bathroom of the 21st century. If you have enough space in your bathroom, consider a built-in cabinet where you can keep towels and toiletries.
Bathroom in the attic
Big families often need more than one bathroom, but have no idea where should they put the second one. No need to demolish one of the rooms when you have the perfect place for it in the attic! Thanks to that location, you already have an eclectic base for your bathroom. The quirky shape of the roof will enable you to get the most unique shower cabin in the world! For example, you can build it right under your attic window, cover the walls with patterned tiles and add a final touch with glass doors.
By deciding to embrace the eclectic design of your bathroom, you are the only one who gets to say what styles will be present in it. An eclectic bathroom will tell a lot about your personality and will always improve your mood no matter how upset you are. 


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