Sunday, December 9, 2018

Handle with Care: 7 Tips for Packing and Moving Christmas Décor

Whether you’re planning to move or you just want to get ready for packing up all those Christmas decorations, you need to handle this task with care. You don’t want to break you beautiful Christmas décor or end up without a tree a few days before the holiday. However, packing Christmas decorations and supplies might be more demanding than it seems since these beautiful embellishments are quite fragile.

Get enough supplies

You need to gather all the packing supplies that you need before actually starting this process. Make sure to get enough boxes because fragile decorations should be packed separately. You’ll also need a lot of bubble wrap to tuck everything in. Egg cartons are also a great way to pack your ornaments, so make sure to have a few ready. Other supplies that might come in handy include old rags, socks, paper towel tubes, markers, tapes, Ziploc bags, etc. Once you get everything, you can start packing.

Untangle and take off carefully

If you’re preparing for a move after Christmas, you’ll need to take off all those decorations and lights. This means a lot of untangling, but you can stay organised and efficient. You can wrap strands of Christmas lights around paper towel tubes to prevent them from tangling again or try some other practical trick. Afterwards, place the lights in a box with soft materials to protect them. As you take off other decorations, you should pack one by one. Tiny ornaments can be placed in egg cartons while larger ones can be stored in partitioned boxes.

Pack wreaths properly

Wreaths are beautiful Christmas embellishments that we gladly use for decorating our front doors or creating lovely arrangements in our homes. However, when it comes to packing them, you need to be particularly careful. If you don’t pack them properly, there might get smashed or broken. Fortunately, you can avoid this by storing them in the right containers. You should get strong, durable boxes made of a canvas material or plastic. This will allow you to pack them safely and move them easily without worrying about breaking them. They’ll be in perfect condition for the next year and your new home.

Move safely

Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply transporting your Christmas decorations and other items to a storage unit, you need to do it in a safe manner. You might want to hire a moving company, but there’s always a risk that they won’t handle your fragile belongings with as much care as you would. Luckily, you can easily avoid this by renting moving trucks and doing this the way you want to. You can choose a vehicle that meets your needs and then make sure that your boxes are safely stored and moved. For example, the reliable Budget truck rental company provides its clients with great rates and deals on a range of different vehicles. On top of all that, you can even get a special offer and lower your moving costs. Just make sure to rent your trucks on time, especially if you’re moving around Christmas.

Place paper décor in bags

When it comes to paper decorations, they can easily wrinkle and get torn apart, so you need to pack them carefully. Whether you have fancy gift wrap, plenty of cute holiday cards or paper décor your kids made, you should put them into plastic bags. You should pick waterproof bags that will prevent any unexpected damage caused by leaks. If you want to completely eliminate the risk of wrinkling, you should place your decorations in folders and then pack them in waterproof bags.

Secure your Christmas tree

Christmas trees are one of the most important elements of holiday décor, so you need to ensure that they are packed properly. First things first, you should go with an artificial tree rather than the real one because you can reuse it the next year. You might want to have a big one or several small ones, but you need to protect them during the move. You should get a quality Christmas tree storage bag or box that will protect your tree from dust, moisture, mould, breakage or some other damage. These bags and boxes aren’t that expensive, yet they are lightweight and tear-resistant. It’s a small price to pay for keeping your Christmas tree(s) safe.

Organise your decorations

It’s important that you stay organised during the packing and moving process, especially if you’re moving into a new home. Make sure that your decorations are neatly organised and not just tossed into boxes. Once you’ve packed them, secure them with tape and label them. This will enable you to easily unpack them for Christmas.
Christmas decorations are what turns our homes into festive, inviting sanctuaries during the holiday, so you need to pack and handle them with care.
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