Monday, December 17, 2018

Wearing Men’s Jewelry Tips And More – How To Make An Entrance At The Next Party?

When it comes to accessorizing, there is a lot that men can try out. Jewelry comes in so many styles that the options are endless. From sophisticated corporate wear to the club specials, it is easy to get inundated by what is on offer.
With so much to choose from, how do you make that final decision? Jewelry should fit into the outfit naturally. Always choose a seller who is established in the business. You will get the best designs keeping in with the latest trends and you will also enjoy great customer service. After all, tasteful men’s jewelry is not cheap. Let us explore some of the ways you can add a new aspect to your personal style.
Combine Chains With Your Outfit
From the chunky and solid Cuban link gold chain to more classic thinner versions, there are many ways you can rock this very versatile piece of men’s jewelry in a natural manner. A most recognizable style is the ‘chain over the pullover’ look – a rather nineties throwback which is making a comeback in retro fashion circles. A gold chain looks very elegant on a solid tee paired with a smart jacket and a pair of skinny denim. You can also match your gold chains with other accessories on the wrist as we shall discover in the next section.
Accentuate With Men’s Bracelets
A sophisticated gold bracelet can light up your formal outfit. Keep it tucked under your dress shirt, partially visible. You can also wear bracelets with your casual outfits. Bracelets with tribal motifs and designs make an interesting conversation starter. You can wear multiple bracelets on a single hand and if you pair it with a watch avoid clashing the metals. Don’t make the mistake of wearing matching bracelets on both wrists and avoid throwing on the bracelet on the same hand as your wristwatch.
Men’s Earrings
In modern fashion, earrings have evolved from being a subculture trope into something that eases into the everyday wardrobe. Have a collection of studs ready for different occasions. A pair of single-stone diamond studs can be accommodated in a wide range of outfits. You can also add some distinctive shapes and designs – may be a motif that reminds you of your favorite music or sports team.
Know Your Metals
Gold and silver are the most commonly used metals for high-end jewelry (the kind you should opt for). Gold comes in many variants though – some alloys are stronger than the others, each with a distinctive feature and tone. A palladium combination is common nowadays as it adds a unique tone and more durability to the jewelry piece. White gold is much sought-after – usually a combination of yellow gold with platinum or palladium, nickel, and zinc. Fans of white gold love it earns a unique shimmer over a period of time where the yellow of gold sprinkles through the cool white glow.
Rose gold is another charming alloy – its crimson tinge coming from the copper and silver mixed with gold. You will be more likely to find most gold jewelry available in 18K or 14K alloys – that is because these versions are sturdier and harder than pure 24K gold.
Basic tips to wearing men’s jewelry
When you put on some bling – whether it is street style or something more formal – wear it with confidence. Keep it simple if you are just experimenting while at the same time, be open to new ideas. When you wear jewelry, it needs to have a sense of occasion. Wear the pieces according to the circles you will be mingling with. A flamboyant chain might not belong in a work gathering – maybe a dress watch will be more suitable.
Maintain a balance when you wear jewelry. The best illustration of this would be finger rings and wrist accessories. If you have your ring and your watch on the same side it gives off an unfinished look. Throw on a bracelet on the other hand too to achieve that visual symmetry. Another mistake people make when combining different jewelry pieces is that they mix opposite metal tones. Stick to similar matching tones or metals.
Skin tone is something that we all should know before buying jewelry. It is quite simple – silver and platinum (the cool tones) are for a cool skin tone (where the veins show in a blue or purple hue). Gold is recommended for a warm skin tone (when the veins do not show through the skin or appear green). Your eye color is another good cue for choosing the jewelry metal. A combination of grey, blue, or green eyes with light or brown hair suggests a cool skin tone. Dark eyes – (amber, brown or hazel) with blonde, black, or auburn hair would suggest that the individual has a warm skin tone.
Avoid these mistakes
When you wear men’s jewelry it is easy to get carried away or commit some oversights. These following tips will help you avoid making common fashion mistakes. Jewelry is all about how you carry it. So confidence is the fundamental ingredient if you are going to incorporate it into your outfit. If you are unsure, look for something more subtle and hidden. The occasion defines what jewelry you should choose. Do not show up at work in a club outfit – those Cuban links can wait for Friday night. Similarly, keep the bling watches for more casual times but learn to make an impression with a luxury watch.
Do not overdo it. You may have a fine collection but one or two at a time is the formula to stick to. Let the attention fall on the single accessory that you are sporting rather than overwhelm the outfit with a deluge of shiny objects. When choosing jewelry for men, remember that the purpose is to garnish your garments rather than being the centerpiece of the outfit.
Enjoy these tips and start the hunt for your new favorite possessions. Make an entrance with the right choice of men’s jewelry.  

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