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Reasons to Use Aluminium Windows and Doors in your Home

There are many ways to make your windows and doors look beautiful. Aluminium windows and doors will make your home look more beautiful because metal strength and flexibility separate it from other type of materials. The most significant reason of installing aluminium doors & windows is that it has maximum glass held by slim frames that ensures maximum clearance for vision as well as sunlight entering into the room.  Apart from that, aluminum is known for its strength in spite of its lightweight feature. You will therefore not only require less material to hold the glass and reduce cost but will also not have to worry about the glass falling out of the frame causing monetary loss and potential injuries.

Aluminum has robust properties that make it extremely durable. It can stand the elements of nature no matter how severe it is. The material is easy to maintain as it will not rust, get affected by the UV rays or bend easily over time and due to pressure. It will not crack, warp, or discolor. Installing aluminium windows and door is also a sensible choice because aluminum is fireproof, comes in high end powder coat finish not required to be painted, have better eco rating and are energy efficient.

Benefits of Aluminum Windows

The high level of thermal performance of the aluminium windows puts it high up in the energy efficiency standard chart. If you use these you will get to prevent heat loss or heat gain through the windows by as much as 60% and thereby save on your energy bills as well. This feature is unavailable or unachievable with the costly timber and UPVC variants. Apart from that, the other benefits include:

  • It reduces carbon footprint. Considering any average gas heated house, using aluminum double glazed windows will produce CO2E equivalent savings by as much as three times required to produce these aluminum frames and that too in the first year itself.

  • You can get your aluminium windows and doors painted or anodized or even leave it in its finished condition according to your decorative requirements or for additional protection.

  • Affordability is the most significant factor as aluminum is far less expensive than any other framing options and yet will provide you with strong protection just like any other door or window solution.

The inherent flexibility and strength of the material itself will provide you with a lot of design flexibility as you can get it according to the exact specifications. Limited only by your own imagination, you can choose from a seemingly endless assortment of systems, glass options, and finishes.

A Smart Investment

If you invest on aluminium windows and door it will be a smart move even if you have to swap out all your existing windows and door for that matter. The benefits will be seen in the years to come in the form of low energy bills, high durability and performance.

Especially within the last couple of decades there has been an extensive use of aluminum windows and doors among homeowners. This is due to that gaining of knowledge regarding these products. Previously, people used to possess a wrong notion that aluminum window frames typically come in silver color only and will have a hardwood sub-frame to assist it and provide the desired support.

With the advancement of technology over time, the materials as well as the concept among the consumers have also changed dramatically. Now you can enjoy a host of advantages of installing aluminium windows and doors instead of plastic or PVC glazing. These doors and windows will have a life span of twenty to thirty years which is double as compared to the UPVC or PVCU variant making aluminum the most popular choice.  

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