Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Start Rolling: Adding Versatility to Your Home

Flexibility is important in life – especially in the spaces you use most. Whether you move around a lot, crave change often, or simply like to rearrange your furniture, one thing may stop you from doing so: immobility.
Not to worry – there’s a trick that’s simpler than you may imagine. Adding plate casters to your current items (or finding new ones with this feature) drastically increases the ease of moving them and offers wonderful stability, too.

What Are Casters?

Casters are a type of mounted wheel that can be affixed to a number of objects and allow for easy rolling and steering. If you start looking around, you will surely notice some – they’re everywhere from small shopping carts in your local grocery store to moving heavy equipment around in factories.

Plate Casters

Plate casters are mounted to items with a metal plate, rather than with a stem. The plate may be bolted on or even welded to the object, in some cases. This affords more security and guarantees the caster won’t detach from the things you want to move. The plate also helps distribute the weight of the items more evenly.

Around the Home

Casters make your living space more functional as they offer a way to make many common items more mobile, and this increases efficiency. You may have hesitated to move around your big desk or heavy tables before, but when they are on plate casters, it’s so much easier; there’s not so much as a second thought. Casters can be added to benches, beverage carts, laundry bins, shelving units, even patio furniture. The casters give you accuracy when guiding your items to their new location, plus they give you the ability to move items around corners and over different floor types with more ease.


Casters come in a vast array of materials, styles, and sizes, so there are certainly casters to match your decor. The versatility they add to your life is worth investigating the various types. Casters are also a hot trend for industrial and farmhouse designs, as they would have been used originally in these settings.
Don’t let lack of mobility stop you anymore – there are so many ways that casters can add value to your spaces. Inside or outside, from heavy hutch to patio set, you can have the freedom to move nearly anything around with the simple addition of plate casters. So, get rolling!

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