Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What Can You Do Yourself As A Wedding Gift?

What do you give to people who already have everything they need? 
It’s a question that keeps many wedding guests awake at night. Indeed, nowadays, most couples live together long before they decide to get married. In other words, they’re more likely to have already bought everything they needed in their household, from the kitchen utensils to the bedding. What can you give them they don’t already have? 
The best approach to tackle this problematic dilemma is to think of a wedding party as a celebration of love and togetherness. Your present needs to embrace and represent the couple’s personalities. It’s a gift that encompasses what togetherness means. If you’re happy with a little DIY, you can create a beautiful wedding present that is unique and entirely personal. Are you ready for a creative challenge? 

A Mr. & Mrs. stencil
Getting married changes your family status. For a lot of couples, being able to talk about their husband or wife makes a big difference in their perception of the relationship. As such, a simple thing such as a pre-cut stencil with their names – Mr. & Mrs. Smith – can open the door to many decorative opportunities. Using a cutting machine – you can read the tips on www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com –, you can create a cutout shape, which can be used to paint their names on a small memory box, for instance, or on a canvas. Alternatively, you can also hire an embroidery machine to personalize canvas shoes or towels. 

A hand-made piece of decoration 
Bookends belong to every living room decor. More often than not, they’re the kind of things you don’t think about, but they create an elegant space on the shelf. Additionally, you can easily make your own, by gluing a meaningful object to a small block of wood or rock. For instance, if the couples are Star Wars enthusiasts, you can find original figurines from the 1980s and use these as decorative bookends. 

A beautiful collection of memories 
Everybody loves photos. And you can pick a selection of photos from the couple to create a memory cube, for instance. Folding photo cubes are not only fun to handle, but they are also a nice and personal touch that reminds the happily married couple of their past together. Following this video tutorial https://youtu.be/ty_hqZlscJg, you can enjoy the simplicity of this creative project. A word of warning for DIY enthusiasts, be sure to let the glue dry before you move to the next step!  

A unique drink for the couple
There can be no party without a proper drink! But, you want to defy the odds and give the married couple something unexpected and delicious. You want to surprise them with a bottle – or a few bottles – of homemade liqueur that have been created just for them. Making wine is a simple enough process, and you can come up with yummy recipes such as strawberry wine for a summer wedding. If you prefer something a little stronger, why not make your chocolate liqueur? You could label it the “Mr. & Mrs. drink”, for instance. 

Too many guests are lost for ideas. When a couple doesn’t publish a registry, you need to be creative and avoid gifts that other people might have already bought. Making your own present is not only a thoughtful touch, but you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!

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