Wednesday, October 9, 2019

5 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Today's marketing is all about building a brand. In a world that is full of tough competition, being able to stand out can be the best asset you can have. If your business is able to create a loyal following, you’re on the right track to success. However, building a brand is easier said than done. Many businesses have tried and failed. To really see results, you need to get innovative.
  1. Use the right kind of packaging

Have you ever bought a product and simply marvelled at the design of its packaging? If the packaging made you want to carefully open the box, it has done its job. Brands should do their best to create the most unique and interesting package for their product possible.
Product packaging is the gift that keeps on giving. People adore seeing small touches like that when dealing with a brand. It makes the purchasing and opening experience all that much better. If you design attractive packaging, people are way more likely to associate your brand with high-quality work and products. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when other people see these packages being purchased. It’s basically free advertising for your brand.
  1. Get influencers on board

It’s not without reason that influencers are a very popular way for brands to make waves nowadays. If people are willing to listen to their favourite influencers and take their advice, it stands to reason that targeting them for some advertising would be a smart business decision.
Influencers are great for promoting just about any type of product or service. Part of the reason they are so effective at building brand loyalty is that they often target a very niche audience. Every influencer has their followers which have a specific taste, which is why they follow a particular influencer some might be specialized in talking about sports, others will have skills in applying makeup. Their audience is accustomed to a specific kind of content, which can blend well with your product and target the exact audience you prefer. 
  1. Distribute promotional items

Branding works in mysterious ways. Some of the most innocuous methods and items will give you much better results than you might expect. Consider promotional items as an example. They might seem like an old-timey method to spread the word about your brand, but they’ve proven themselves to be quite effective. 
Something as small as a pen or lighter won’t cost your business much, but it will spread brand awareness far and wide. People need pens, and having a constant reminder of your brand is going to inspire more than a few individuals to try your products. It’s a small investment that can have a big payoff.
  1. Produce a video

It’s important that you try out different forms of media to get your brand message across. Recently, videos have proven themselves to be one of the most effective ways to propel brands to new heights. They’re quick, engaging, and they can send a powerful message to countless viewers. 
One of the main reasons for this is the sudden availability of high-quality filming gear. Businesses are now able to produce high-definition videos for their brands at very low cost. It's also pretty easy to consult expert video production companies like Alpha Omega Video Production to help with creating the videos. This allows businesses to get the best possible marketing results without having to worry about breaking the bank.
  1. Trial products

If your business deals with digital products and services, you have an abundance of additional options to make your brand visible. Digital products like software can be given out in the form of free trials to let people try them out. It allows users to get a small taste of what they could purchase, while still giving them a good perspective on the quality of the product. If they enjoy the software, they are very likely to purchase it. 
Alternatively, you could give out limited versions of the product and see where that takes users. Instead of showing the full capabilities of your software or program, you can create a freemium version that anyone can use without limits. However, this version wouldn’t have key features that make your product shine. They can describe them and point out the ease at which they would be used in the full version. This attracts consumers that want the freemium version, but it also prompts potential paying users to think about what they’re missing out on.


Building a brand is a difficult, but necessary part of running a business. Applying some of these methods is a lot easier than you might think, though. The difficult part is creating the right kind of strategy to make it work. Start with these ideas and you’re sure to see great success when launching your products and services.