Saturday, January 19, 2019

Reasons to Use Aluminium Windows and Doors in your Home

There are many ways to make your windows and doors look beautiful. Aluminium windows and doors will make your home look more beautiful because metal strength and flexibility separate it from other type of materials. The most significant reason of installing aluminium doors & windows is that it has maximum glass held by slim frames that ensures maximum clearance for vision as well as sunlight entering into the room.  Apart from that, aluminum is known for its strength in spite of its lightweight feature. You will therefore not only require less material to hold the glass and reduce cost but will also not have to worry about the glass falling out of the frame causing monetary loss and potential injuries.

Aluminum has robust properties that make it extremely durable. It can stand the elements of nature no matter how severe it is. The material is easy to maintain as it will not rust, get affected by the UV rays or bend easily over time and due to pressure. It will not crack, warp, or discolor. Installing aluminium windows and door is also a sensible choice because aluminum is fireproof, comes in high end powder coat finish not required to be painted, have better eco rating and are energy efficient.

Benefits of Aluminum Windows

The high level of thermal performance of the aluminium windows puts it high up in the energy efficiency standard chart. If you use these you will get to prevent heat loss or heat gain through the windows by as much as 60% and thereby save on your energy bills as well. This feature is unavailable or unachievable with the costly timber and UPVC variants. Apart from that, the other benefits include:

  • It reduces carbon footprint. Considering any average gas heated house, using aluminum double glazed windows will produce CO2E equivalent savings by as much as three times required to produce these aluminum frames and that too in the first year itself.

  • You can get your aluminium windows and doors painted or anodized or even leave it in its finished condition according to your decorative requirements or for additional protection.

  • Affordability is the most significant factor as aluminum is far less expensive than any other framing options and yet will provide you with strong protection just like any other door or window solution.

The inherent flexibility and strength of the material itself will provide you with a lot of design flexibility as you can get it according to the exact specifications. Limited only by your own imagination, you can choose from a seemingly endless assortment of systems, glass options, and finishes.

A Smart Investment

If you invest on aluminium windows and door it will be a smart move even if you have to swap out all your existing windows and door for that matter. The benefits will be seen in the years to come in the form of low energy bills, high durability and performance.

Especially within the last couple of decades there has been an extensive use of aluminum windows and doors among homeowners. This is due to that gaining of knowledge regarding these products. Previously, people used to possess a wrong notion that aluminum window frames typically come in silver color only and will have a hardwood sub-frame to assist it and provide the desired support.

With the advancement of technology over time, the materials as well as the concept among the consumers have also changed dramatically. Now you can enjoy a host of advantages of installing aluminium windows and doors instead of plastic or PVC glazing. These doors and windows will have a life span of twenty to thirty years which is double as compared to the UPVC or PVCU variant making aluminum the most popular choice.  

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tips for Winter Home Renovation on Budget

Considering winter is the slowest season when it comes to home renovation, it would be a smart move to start renovating precisely then. This is especially true if you're renovating on a budget, and you want to save up while you're at it. From small interior remodelling projects to garage renovation, house makeover won't make you go bankrupt if you follow a few simple steps.

Set a realistic budget

If you’re on a strict budget, list all the projects you thought about doing and see if it adds up to more or less money than you’ve planned for. If the costs and time for finishing all the projects will make you go into financial overload, check out some of the online DIY projects, and look for those you can do by yourself. Don’t be too optimistic, and pave your road to bankruptcy, but try to set a realistic budget, by reviewing the costs of all the renovation projects and necessities. However, since winter is the slowest season for contractors, you may also be lucky enough to make a good deal and hire one at a much lower price, which won’t overwhelm your budget.

Think about the pipes

If you plan on moving out while your renovation is in progress, don't forget to check the pipes. No matter where you live, if you plan to leave your home empty until all the projects are done, you need to make sure the pipes don't burst due to water freezing inside if the heating system drops. You can call the plumber and have him heat the water line that goes into the house, or you can even have the city shut off your water while you're not home. To make sure your pipes are safe from freezing, you can also keep the cold away from the garage, by keeping the door closed or let as much warmth as possible reach to the pipes by leaving your cabinet doors in the kitchen open.

Focus on the interior

Doing all the renovation indoors is the only option you should consider, due to freezingly low temperatures that are common for winter weather. Install new bathroom fixtures, kitchen countertops or put new flooring in your bedroom or living room. Maybe you can even make two smaller rooms out of one big room. If you’ve always wanted an office at your home, and your bedroom is huge, you can divide the room in two, without having to build a wall right away. With Screenflex portable room dividers, you'll easily create the needed partition, and thanks to its noise-reductive features, you’ll have all the silence you need to work in peace. This is particularly convenient if you need a quick solution to making two bedrooms for your children, and you don’t have the money or time to build an entire wall and deal with the rest of the renovation that follows. Room dividers are very easy to use and you’ll set them up in a matter of minutes.

Buy new furniture at lower prices

Not only is winter the slower season for the contractors, but it’s also the season when discounts on furniture will skyrocket. That's precisely the time for you to think about investing in new sofas, couches or maybe a king size bed you've always wanted. If you're remodelling the kitchen, you can also find great deals on appliances, and kitchenware during the holiday season. New home d├ęcor items will spruce up the place, and Christmas discounts can save you up to 50% of what you'd originally pay.

Remodel your garage

Garage renovation is another small project you should consider during winter home renovation. Cover up exposed pipes, add insulation to the walls, or maybe even think about waterproofing garage doors. All of these projects will help you save all of your belongings, during potential weather hazards. Use the winter months to declutter your garage as well, install shelving or similar space-saving equipment for better organization. If your garage is cramped with seasonal equipment such as lawn furniture and other items you don’t use during winter, move them to a portable storage unit to save space and declutter the garage during winter.

Final thoughts

Home renovation can be quite an undertaking, and even more so when you're on a budget. Therefore, make sure you set up a realistic budget and look into the costs and the time that'll take you to make all the projects done. Stick to the interior renovation, invest in new furniture at lower prices, remodel your garage, and don’t forget to check the pipes to make sure they don’t burst due to the cold weather.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

5 Interior Design Tips to Turn your Bedroom into an Oasis of Rest

Our bedroom is the place where we come to enjoy intimate moments or unwind after a long day at work. However, clutter and other factors can disrupt the atmosphere in the room and prevent us from relaxing and connecting with our inner selves. In order to help you transform your room into an oasis designed for rest, we have singled out our top design tips and tricks for you to follow. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Dim the lights

First things first, if you aim to create a serene feel in your bedroom, you should use lighting solutions to evoke calmness and intimacy. Start by investing in warm LED light bulbs that cast a soothing light which will help you have a better and invigorating rest. Furthermore, make sure to install dimmer switches so that you can adjust the brightness when you want to set up a romantic mood in the room. Additionally, the same effect can be achieved with aromatherapy scented candles. These candles can be bought in a variety of sizes and fragrances so feel free to experiment with different combinations until you find the one that speaks to you the most.

The right colours for a Zen room

Another important step towards achieving a Zen look is to find the perfect colour scheme for the walls and furniture. Since various shades can have a different effect on your thoughts and emotions, it’s crucial to go for pastel and neutral hues which will help you create your comfortable oasis of peace. For instance, olive walls go perfectly with earth-toned upholstery and beige curtains for a chic laidback look. If you like this idea, you can further complement it with comfy eggshell rugs and carpets for a timeless feel. Don’t forget, rosy brown throw pillows and soft blankets will add that final touch to the arrangement making your room feel warm and inviting.

Cosy furniture

You can’t spell oasis of rest without cosy furniture. On top of that, interior design experts strongly recommend decluttering the space since a messy bedroom can only prevent you from truly unwinding. For this reason, an amazing bed with drawers will not only allow you to store away linens and clothes that could cause a mess, but are extremely comfortable as well. They are made from sustainable materials which are great for the environment and are extremely durable. On top of that, if you like reading in the bedroom, you should definitely buy an ergonomic armchair. Finally, remember to add an end table next to it with an ambient lamp so that you don’t strain your eyes when you read your favourite books.

Treat your senses with greenery
Greenery is an integral part of every serene bedroom design since it adds a natural touch to the space, provides you with fresh air and releases a fragrance that will let you sleep peacefully. For example, Aloe Vera plants can produce fresh oxygen and eliminate any trace of common VOC chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde in your bedroom.  On top of that, a small Areca Palm will fit perfectly into any corner and its healing properties will help you relieve any sinus issues that bother you during the night. Finally, if you are restless and have difficulties falling asleep, you can place a pot of chamomile and lavender near your bed for a long and uninterrupted rest.

Get rid of distractions

Last but least, in order to truly relax, you will need to get rid of all the technological distractions that could hinder you from finding peace. For instance, although it may seem convenient to have a TV in the bedroom, it has been proven to have a detrimental effect on your sleep cycle and dreams. Our brains, rather than being told to relax naturally are being stimulated by TV, cell phone and computer screens to work more by processing a multitude of images. Therefore, make it a bedroom rule to keep these devices away and instead read a great book or magazine. Of course, you can always make good use of a kindle or another e-reader since their screens aren’t backlit.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to turn your old boring bedroom into a true Zen paradise. All it takes is following these interior design tips and getting rid of all the clutter and electronic devices that could prevent you from relaxing. Good luck on your redecoration project!

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Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. She’s also passionate about fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Beauty of Polished Concrete in Kitchen Interior

When we plan to design or renovate our house, we make a proper system and work on it. One of the most important areas of any house is the kitchen. A beautiful and long-lasting kitchen is bound to attract the guests and the residents and altogether it definitely increases the value of the house.

In every kitchen, one aspect to think is the flooring and nowadays the polished concrete kitchen has proved to be a great choice as with its beautiful texture and strength. It works great and makes the owners happy like never before. It is an obvious choice for many of us and it suits the preference of nearly everyone and its beauty and elegance make everyone stunned and mesmerised.

In this article, let us look into various advantages of applying the polished concrete kitchen.

Advantages of Using the Polished Concrete Kitchen

There are many advantages that can be accounted for the polished concrete kitchen.

1. Easy to Make: Making this slab is not a difficult task as the floor can be made with slabs which already exist. The new slabs also work very well here, and it is very easy to create this type of flooring.

2. Visual Appeal: Polished concrete kitchen gives a visual satisfaction of stone like the texture as it has a gorgeous stone like appearance in it.

3. Low Maintenance: The maintenance cost of this floor is very less and so is a beneficial point from this aspect. It resists stains when sealed properly. So, we are free from that tension also. So this flooring not only looks good but definitely is a great companion for the kitchen.

4. Long Lasting: It has the ability to last for many decades and is also very much durable. When we spend a good sum of money, we expect it to last for a longer span. So, if we are assured that the polished concrete kitchen will last for many years, then we are relieved.

5. Low Cost: The cost of concrete flooring is less than the other floorings that are generally found in the markets. So, if you don’t want to spend a good sum of money, this kitchen flooring is perfect for you.

6. Hardness: This floor is very hard, and it does not get affected and get scratched or stained very easily like the other floorings. The strength of this flooring is unmatchable by others and so this flooring is in high demand nowadays.

7. Installation: The installation process of this flooring is quick and easy but sometimes it might take few days if the work is more.  The process requires the old flooring to be removed and then the area should be cleaned. The concrete at first should be made and then poured and pigmented. Then the slabs are placed, and it takes a few days to let the stain go through the surface.  After that, the floor is polished, and it takes a few more days to get ready fully.

8. Cleaning Process is Easy: Polished concrete kitchen is very easy to maintain and clean and it remains dry. You can use dry mob; wet mob and many different kinds of cleaners can be used on the floors and it will always shine like a new one. You don’t have to worry about stains and chemicals as well and nor about the heals or heavy furniture.  

From the above points, it can be easily concluded that the polished concrete kitchen is definitely a great choice as its features are making everyone happy and it does fit everyone’s preference brilliantly.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Embrace the Eclectic Style in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is like an oasis in every home, a place where you can relax after long and exhausting days. Adding your own personal touch to a mixture of styles can inspire you every time you enter the bathroom. If you want to improvise and be creative with design ideas, then an eclectic style is the best choice for your bathroom.

Play with the styles
The most beautiful thing about the eclectic style is the freedom you get with it. You don’t have to choose one style; you can add bits and pieces of various ones to design your bathroom. Mix the materials, place a wooden closet beside a metal towel rack. Hate to step out of the tub on dreadfully cold tiles? Put a rug on the floor! Don’t hesitate to use wallpapers with stripes or flowers, tiles with different patterns and colorful shelves.

Vintage charm
Retro-fans can finally have their five minutes and get the bathroom of their dreams! First of all, the floor can be covered with polka dots while the walls are painted in some soft tones or covered with simple white tiles. The tub should stand on its own while the tub filler goes up from the floor. Mix the past with the present by placing a wooden chair beside the tub. You can put your clean clothes on it while you are relaxing in a bubble bath. Beautiful and practical makes it a perfect combination!

Vintage faucets
If you prefer a modern-day tub but still want to have a bit of vintage style inside your bathroom, then you should consider getting vintage faucets and showing off your pipes. However, it will be impossible if your sewer system is blocked. Use the opportunity while you are renovating your bathroom to finally fix those blocked drains with the help from Pipe Relining Solutions. Get rid of all the tree roots, debris and other culprits that caused you so many headaches in the past.

Artistic bathroom
One way to give your bathroom an eclectic look is to bring some art inside. Use pale blue paint for the upper half of the walls and cover the lower half with white tiles. Add some dark backsplash where paint and tiles meet. Choose a few slate artworks that you want to hang on the walls and put them in frames whose color is similar to the backsplash.

Rustic accessories
Adding a little bit of country style in your modern bathroom will definitely change it into an eclectic spa. Put the claw-foot tub on wood blocks, adorn the mirror with a wooden frame or go for wood paneled walls – in other words, use natural materials as much as you can to breathe a rustic style in a bathroom of the 21st century. If you have enough space in your bathroom, consider a built-in cabinet where you can keep towels and toiletries.
Bathroom in the attic
Big families often need more than one bathroom, but have no idea where should they put the second one. No need to demolish one of the rooms when you have the perfect place for it in the attic! Thanks to that location, you already have an eclectic base for your bathroom. The quirky shape of the roof will enable you to get the most unique shower cabin in the world! For example, you can build it right under your attic window, cover the walls with patterned tiles and add a final touch with glass doors.
By deciding to embrace the eclectic design of your bathroom, you are the only one who gets to say what styles will be present in it. An eclectic bathroom will tell a lot about your personality and will always improve your mood no matter how upset you are. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Guide on How to Take Care of Your Hair

A woman’s best accessory is her hair. She wears her hair like a crown as it is her pride and pleasure. Her hair actually has an emotional connection with her; you can make out from her hair about her mood and her day. A woman’s hair brings out the best of her personality; the haircut, the way she styles her hair and the way she maintains it.
Bad hair days can be really frustrating as no matter how fancy clothes or make-up you wear; without your shining and perfect hair, the look is just not completed. But the perfect shiny hair does not come on their own; you really have to work on them, love them and pamper them to make them perfect and graceful. Constant styling, heating, use of chemicals, exposure of sun and dust, and sprays on our hair damage them and weakens them. If you want to say goodbye to these bad hair days, follow this guide and have amazing hair every single day:

  1. Get regular haircuts: Getting your hair regularly trimmed is very important for healthy hair. Having split-ends can cause damage to your hair; they seem rough and not taken care of. The rough and unhealthy ends of your hair can spoil the look, shine and luster of your hair. So make sure to visit your hairdresser and get your hair trimmed on the regular basis.
  1. Don’t forget to condition them: With such regular exposure to sun and chemicals, it is important to condition them very frequently. You can even opt to use natural and homemade conditioners which you can easily make at home from your basic kitchen components. You will feel content and happy after observing the difference in your hair after each conditioning.   

  1. Get away from stress: You should believe me when I say that stress is the enemy of your lovely hair. Your eyes and hair show the first sign of your stress. Stress can damage your hair; lead to hair fall and most importantly, starts graying them. You should try to reduce your stress if you don’t want gray hair by taking out time for yourself and pampering yourself once in a while.  
  2. Rethink the way you shampoo: You should recheck the way you shampoo your hair. Half of the girls and women use an incorrect way to shampoo their hair which dulls their hair even more. The right way to shampoo your hair helps your hair to regain its strength and shine. The basic knowledge about measures like avoiding washing your hair daily or avoiding conditioners on your scalp helps to get the perfect hair you always look out for.   

Avoid excessive heat on them: Frequent use of hair tools like hair straightening or curling and use of excessive chemicals on hair like hair straightening chemicals or sprays, can damage your hair and make them dull. To have healthy hair, one should prefer hair-strengthening products than to use hair-weakening products. Regular spa from a salon will help to recover that damage. You can also give regular steam to your hair at home.

Monday, December 24, 2018

5 Smart Ways To Budget For A Home Remodel

Creating a budget for home remodeling must begin way before you start listing labor and material costs. It starts with priorities. What are your reasons for remodeling? Is it because of a growing family? Wanting to increase home’s resale value? Or maybe is it purely because you got bored with your current furniture and walls setting? If the reason is simply that you just want to change some stuff around, maybe you only need to redecorate, repaint your walls, and maybe change some furniture (or DIY upgrade it). If you are waiting for a future family member(s), or you would like to raise the resale value of the house, remodeling might be your only option. In that case, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for the hard work that is ahead of you.
If an increased value is your priority, find some good realtor in your local area and consult with them about house improvements that would leave you with the biggest return on your house investment.
Once you have done that and set your priorities, it is time to talk about money. Do you already know how much can you afford to spend on the renovation? How much money do you have saved up on the side? If you are already aware that you cannot afford to remodel with your current financial status, consult with your family and your partner about applying for a home equity loan. There are plenty of good options for house-remodeling loans offered by trusted companies like Our Money Market that come with low-interest rates for newlywed couples or expecting parents.
After you have decided how much money you can spend on renovation (or even before!), it is time for a little homework. Go around your local home improvement stores, and find exactly which appliances and materials you will need. Best would be to visit multiple stores and write down all the prices for comparison. Once you have done that, you will have an almost precise estimate of the figures needed, instead of vague estimates.  

Even if you are not worried about the money you will spend, and you have saved quite enough, you would probably want to cut down the expenses here and there. Here are some tips that will help you with get the best and most out of your house investment.

1. Be Your Own Contractor

This one is probably the biggest question that you have to answer before the beginning of the whole process. Do you want to hire a professional contractor, or you feel sure enough to dive in it yourself? Benefits of a professional are huge – it is way faster, more professional (obviously), knowledge about plumbing and electrical work, and of course, it is way easier. But if you are serious about cutting cost, you will sure cut it with this one. Read a little bit, maybe even consult with contractors (some of them offer hourly consultants). By doing this yourself the whole process is going to be much more flexible, and you will have a great sense of reward afterward.

2. Hit The Thrift Shops

This one is inevitable if you are looking to cut down cost. Go regularly at all thrift shops and recycling centers you can find around. Maybe you will find a great replacement for that high-end cabinet you saw in a new collection. And why would you give thousands of dollars, if you can add a little a compromise for literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars better price?  

3. DIY Demolition

This is another one of DIY ones. If you want to spend as little money as possible, be prepared to put a lot of effort and work into it. While by doing your own demo is not going to save you tons of money, it is still going to save you a couple of hundred bucks. Although it is not a job that requires the greatest expertise, make sure to consult with someone if it is your first time doing it.  

4. Try To Avoid Moving Your Kitchen Sink (And Toilet)

These m
ay seem like a basic plumbing renovation works, but once you put it all on paper, you will see that these two are the ones that drain money the most. If there is any way possible to avoid moving these two, you will be able to save up to a thousand bucks.  

5. Wait For The Right Time

This one is for all of you that have already decided to hire a contractor. Waiting until they need your business is a great way to save up to 5% of the cost, which can lead to more than a thousand dollars. What it means is that you do not schedule your renovation in the summer peak, or around September – since that is their premium time and they have tons of work.  

In the end, when you put all the costs on paper, you will see that doing things a little bit edgier is going to have plenty of benefits. A little bit of hard work and research will take you a long way. You will end up with a great end result. without cutting on quality and efficiency – only on expenses.