Monday, February 20, 2017

Cardboard Packaging Boxes: Convenient and Environmental Friendly Packaging Solution!

Jack Louis is here today to share some ideas on Cardboard packaging and how it affects worldwide activity. Are you moving or do you do alot of shipping? If so, take a look at this. Great tips on a topic that needs more coverage.
Packaging and transportation of goods is a worldwide activity. Since the time when man began transportation of goods from one place to another they have been in constant search of good packaging solutions. A good packaging solution is the one which not only keeps the goods safe and secured, but are easily available, easy to handle and do not pose any potential threat to the environment. Keeping all these factors in mind, cardboard packaging boxes have come up as a wonderful packaging solution. They have been successfully used for packaging and transportation of goods for a really long time.
Cardboard packaging boxes are simple boxes that are made by arranging the cardboard one over the other in the form of a box. There are many qualities in this kind of packaging which makes it the first choice of manufacturers and exporters all over the world. Some of these qualities have been discussed here.

  • Cardboard packaging boxes acts as an insulator to the goods kept in the boxes. These boxes provide protection to fragile items such as computers, glass items or any other such products. If you have to transport fragile products to long distance then cardboard boxes stuffed with foam will be a perfect packaging solution for you. First motive of packaging is protection of the goods and that motive is fulfilled by the cardboard boxes.
  • Costing of cardboard packaging boxes is quite cheap when compared to other packaging solutions available in the market. These boxes are usually made out of recycled material which is cheaply and readily available in the market. Apart from that when you buy these boxes made of cardboard in wholesale then you get an added discount over already cheap cost of the box. So this kind of boxes does not have major impact on overall cost of the product.
  • Another very important benefit of using cardboard boxes for packaging is that the boxes can be sealed quite easily. Depending on the product and the distance of journey there are a numbers of ways by which you can seal the cardboard boxes. You can stick the ends together using broad cello tape. You can even wrap the entire box and seal it with metal wires. The point is that you will not need to fuss about sealing the boxes and keeping your goods protected. You will be able to do it easily.
  • Another benefit of the cardboard box packaging is that it is difficult to tear and chances of goods getting spoiled on the way is less. Cardboards are thick and they cannot be torn easily. Unless and until someone tries to tamper the boxes intentionally, there is less chance the boxes will get damaged on its own due to handling during the transportation. They are thick, robust and durable, making it perfect for long distance transportation.
  • Use of cardboard is not limited to thick and heavy boxes. But you can also use it in the form of flexible packaging material. You can wrap it around the goods in order to provide cushion to them at the time of transportation. Multipurpose use of the packaging makes it the first choice of manufacturers and exporters across the globe.
  • One of the most important benefits of cardboard boxes is that it is an environmental friendly packaging material and do not pose any potential danger to the environment. It is made out of recyclable material. Once used you can give the boxes for recycling in order to create new boxes from the old ones. This not only saves resources but it also saves the environment with negligible packaging wastage.

All-Rounder Electricians For your home

Olivia is here today as a guest to share about Electricians in the home and the best type to choose. When it comes to home issues Electric is probably the most concerning. Check out some of these great ideas. 
Thanks Olivia.

All-rounder Electricians For Your Home
Admit it or not, electricians are quite indispensible for the services required to keep your house in order. In fact I will go as far as to say that he performs one of the most important jobs in technical maintenance because dealing with electricity is no child’s play. You will not find instructions about wiring in DIY manuals and even if you do, chances are that you might get an electric shock due to wrong wiring or wearing incorrect clothing to fix the wiring.
An electrician is not just a regular handyman but an essential helper for your house.  He has been trained over a period of time in the fundamentals of electrical engineering as well as extensive exposure to industry conditions where regular solutions may not work and specialized approaches need to be taken. He’s certified and qualified enough to take on any job that you may need done around the house regarding electrical equipment, and if you have a growing family, I strongly recommend you get in touch with reputable local electricians with experience to check your house for any loose connections. A life is more precious than the odd dollars he will charge to address your issues. They check for deterioration of the wiring and connections, and bring them up to the current specifications and standards as well.
Electricians are always up to date with the latest advancements in their field of trade, and if you happen to buy a relatively new piece of electrical instrument or gadget, chances are high that the electrician knows it inside out and can fix it in case it malfunctions.
Checklist for electricians:
A lot of us take things for granted, especially when it comes to gadgets, expecting them to function flawlessly. This cannot be further from the truth as reports show that the electrical and electronic repair industry is witnessing a giant upswing. Responsible electricians will always cross these off their checklist one after the other. Rewiring reasons include;
  1. Bathrooms switch connections which may have come in contact with water.
  2. Skirting socket connection checks.
  3. Checking for any green residue upon the wiring.
  4. Cotton covered wiring (a strict no-no).
  5. Black rubber cables, indicating overheating.
  6. Round pin socket varieties.
Fuse boxes:
An electrician will always ensure that your fuse box is up to date; this enhances the safety of all the components connected to it. Different devices like RCD’s, RCBO’s and MCB’s are available for upgrading.
Installation of lights:
Electricians are very savvy when it comes to installing lights in your house. Not only will they do it in an aesthetic manner, but also ensure that there is energy savings through fittings. They advise you on what kind of luminescence work is best and you can be assured they are not saying this because of profit, only out of experience. Their reputation is far more important than a few measly dollars.
Security Systems:
Nowadays, a good security system is on the top of everybody’s Christmas list, and electricians take that pain to survey the grounds carefully before selecting vantage points to set up close circuit surveillance systems as well as alarms in vulnerable places. Before investing in the security equipment, have a talk with your electrician and hear out his suggestions, chances are you’ll tend to agree with him on most aspects. Not only will this save you a considerable amount of money, but it shows you trust your electrician and he will appreciate this and take his time in setting up the installation properly.

Do not attempt to work on electric units all by yourself; do engage the services of a professional electrician.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to Create an Eclectic Bathroom?

Today is a great day for tips on creating a design for your bathroom - Check out these great tips from Diana Smith on how to create an eclectic bathroom. Thanks Diana! 

Renovating and redecorating your bathroom could be a very difficult job, but only for those lacking imagination and creativity. For others, this is definitely one of the most enjoyable home decoration tasks and an opportunity to show off their originality. But, it shouldn’t all come down to laying out new tiles or repainting your existing bathtub – bathroom renovations include a number of other activities, especially if you want to make it more eclectic. How can you achieve that?

What is an Eclectic Bathroom?
When thinking about eclectic designs, most people know that they include a mixture of various styles and inspirations, all combined into one unique look. Designers who opt for such an approach to home d├ęcor usually take inspiration from a wide range of sources and try to combine influences of different styles and eras. Mixing modern and traditional, for example, is a sign of courage and only by being courageous will you come up with ideas that are unique, intriguing and inspiring.

Materials and Sources
Eclectic bathrooms are often characterized by a combination of different materials – unlike your ordinary bathroom, this one includes glass, tile, steel, marble, wood and even stone instead of just one of these. While they may seem too versatile to combine, you’ll be surprised with the results! Being bold and including unusual pieces will ultimately get you the eclectic effect you’re looking for.

Bathtubs and Showers
A bathtub is the centerpiece of your bathroom, and it is a focal point in every possible way. Therefore, it should be one-of-a-kind if you want it to capture the attention of your visitors. So it’s not only about taking a nice hot shower after a long day at the office, but about doing it in a nice tub. You can cover it with a fresh coat of paint – choose vivid and bold colours to make it more noticeable – or even get one of those freestanding bathtubs that are so popular right now. Alternatively, you can install a walk-in shower that will provide you with the same effect, but look additionally stylish.

Fix the Fixtures and Fittings
Not many people pay attention to bathroom fixtures and fittings – they’re just there and you can’t do much to make them stand out. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because only a few people purchase innovative fixtures and fittings doesn’t mean you should miss this trend. So, instead of plain old white washbasins, toilet seats and bidets, you could pick more colourful models that will liven up your bathroom. The same goes for showerheads and other fixtures – they can be as extravagant as you wish, but an emergency plumber from Melbourne warns us that we have to make sure they’re installed properly.
Decorations, Decorations, Decorations!
No matter how cool your new bathtub looks or how amazing your freshly laid out tiles are, it’s no use if you don’t have adequate decorations. These are the things that are going to make your bathroom special and eclectic, so pay extra attention to these details. You don’t have to do too much – a nice picture frame with a suitable photo or a colourful soap dispenser will do. Finally, finish the job with a new shower curtain that will make you smile every time you see it.

Other Ideas

These are just some of the ideas for an eclectic bathroom, but don’t stop here: find a nice decorative wallpaper that will match your tiles, install a ceiling-mount showerhead above your bath or purchase new lights that will create a more romantic atmosphere. Just be creative and don’t hold back – and enjoy your new bathroom!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Importance of Rainwater

Importance of rain water

If you are a homeowner, you are probably burdened with bills. Unlike people who live in apartments, bills for houses can be rather high. This is why you should reduce spending whenever you can.
One amazing solution is installing rain water tanks and rain water collection system. Instead of paying for water, you can simply get it yourself.
Water systems are especially beneficial in regions with high water bills or scarce water supply.
On top of that, this is an ecological solution which simultaneously gives you some form of independence.
Rain Barrels

If you wish to go green, it is best to start with water barrels. They are the simplest and most common water collection method. Furthermore, you can easily obtain them. If you can’t purchase barrels in your vicinity, you can always make them yourself.
Have in mind that rain barrels should always be comprised of plastic. Do not try and tinker with different materials. This is the safest and most natural solution for collecting water. If you are concerned about durability, you can always get thicker containers.
You will also have to get lids. Barrels should be opened prior to bad weather and closed afterwards. This will prevent bugs from falling into them ensuring that you always have uncontaminated water.
I have seen articles where people suggest placing rain barrels below the roof so that the gutter water can pour into them. Do not do this! Collection of rain water is not only an economical solution; it is also a healthy solution. Make sure that the water is falling directly from the sky into the barrels. This will make it easier to filter for personal use later on.

Rainwater collection systems

After trying out water barrels, most people are quite satisfied and wish to take their water collection to the next level. So, they opt to install a rainwater collection system.
Unlike barrels (which can be positioned practically anywhere within your garden) tanks used for water collection system need to be installed bellow the ground. Here, rainwater is collected and stored for further use.
Rainwater collection systems use pumps and filter to direct water from tanks to your home. However, these systems aren’t something you should install by yourself. Make sure to call professionals which will install it for you. Minor mistakes can lead to a leak or unfiltered water making way to your home.


Water is breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you have rain tanks or barrels in your backyard, there is a good chance that mosquitoes will start breeding within them, sooner than later. As I mentioned, this is the main reason to get a water lid. However, you can also try some other solutions:
  • Having a goldfish in your tank (it will eat mosquito larvae
  • Adding some bleach or dish soap to the barrel
  • Using anti-mosquito products
  • Draining the barrel from time to time
If you use it for personal consumption, infested water can pose a real health hazard. Make sure to do everything in your power to prevent this from happening.

Uses for water

If you are careful enough, you can use this water for personal consumption. As a precautionary measure, I would still suggest that you use water filter to additionally purify it.
Besides drinking, you can use rain water for showering, for washing your car, for your garden etc.
Water barrels and water collection systems are especially great for families that grow vegetables. In this case, you can even collect the water that pours from the roof (it will hasten collection process). This way, you can significantly cut your costs.  

About the author: Nick Stoyanov is a copywriter and content strategist at Forpumps – Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Tips for Designing a Contemporary Living Room

 Diana Smith is here today on the blog to share her ideas on Designing a Contemporary Living Room. Check out some of these great tips on a balanced room.  Thanks Diana for a great article. I look forward to having you guest again soon! 
Designing a living room can be a tough job. As the living room is where your family probably spends most of their time, it must be designed in the proper way, so everyone would feel relaxed and happy. Here are 7 design tips that will help you on your way to create a perfect living room, the one that’s both visually and functionally stimulating.
Color matters
Choosing a color palette for your living room is not an easy task. Luckily, you can start by evaluating the living room characteristics. For example, if your living room is bright and airy, the best choice is to go with saturated jewel tones such as slate gray or peacock blue. When a living room is predominantly dark, you can paint the walls using soft and neutral colors such as white, cream, beige, or earthly green. Those colors can visually enlarge the room. Also, in combination with brown or lavender furniture, beige or white walls will make your living room look high-priced and extravagant.

When choosing the right flooring for your living room, you’ll need to take into account the style of the house, the budget, and the feel you want to create. Here you have a variety of options – from standard wood flooring, laminate, linoleum, to stone or concrete. Each type of these materials has its pros and cons, so think carefully what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve in your living room. Besides the material, you’ll have to choose the right color. As the room’s walls, the best advice here is to go with neutral colors allowing furniture or artworks to capture the eye.

Probably the best way to personalize the space of your living room is to hang some artwork on the walls. Modern artwork varies greatly, so you have the option to choose between different styles, from abstract multicolored art to more minimalist and monochromatic. Artwork allows you to be inventive with the space and your living room can easily become the extension of your distinct personality.

Lighting in your living room can also make a huge difference. It can impact everything from your sleep schedule to your overall mood. When choosing the right lamp, keep in mind that the living room is predominantly a room for company, conversation and family time. Probably the best solution here is to combine floor lamps for your main ambient lighting with the right accent lighting for highlighting your wall’s artworks and photos. Keep in mind that bad lighting can make your living room very unattractive, so take your time and choose the lighting wisely.

Furniture and electronic devices
In choosing furniture pieces for your living room, start with the basic pieces such as sofa, armchair, center and side tables. Look around your living room and figure out the right size of furniture you’ll need for certain functions. You can make a sketch of it on a piece of paper with passable pathways and electronic devices you’ll use. Everything in your living room, including furniture and electronic appliances such as television set or stereo music system, should complement each other. After choosing the right screen size, TV antenna installation, and viewing distance, you can transform your living room into a complete entertainment center. In combination with the right furniture, electronics play a very important role in improving the living room’s visual appearance and can make your room livelier and enjoyable place.

As you know by now, there are various ways you can make your living room look elegant and well designed. The point with decorating contemporary living rooms is finding the right balance between functionality and elegance. Incorporating these tips into your design will certainly help you accomplish that balance.

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What to do when startled by home emergencies

Chloe is hosting on the blog today and talking about a subject that everyone has thought about. These are some great ideas and some advice on what to do when the bad things actually occur. Thanks Chloe for the guest host! 


Image 1.jpeg
Image 1 source:
Home maintenance is a constant task for every household. Being responsible is the first step when it comes to avoiding any urgent, unpleasant or even dangerous situations in one’s home. Also, keeping your cool can save you a lot of time and trouble. Therefore, it’s essential to always be prepared for an emergency as well as to have a contingency plan. The best way to do so is to keep in mind all the options when it comes to urgent home maintenance situations.

1. Dealing with break-in attempts

Image 2.jpeg
Image 2 source:
Burglars never sleep; well, at least not when you do. In order to protect your home from break-ins, a top-notch alarm system would definitely prove useful. There are many tips on how to effectively burglar-proof your home on a budget, but those do not present the final line of defense. On the other hand, having an alarm that would go off when any suspicious activity is spotted, can give you time to phone the police or send an emergency email to the authorities. Some alarm systems can do this for you as well, so that you have time to get out and protect your family.

2. Fire emergency

When it comes to fire, what you do beforehand will also mean a lot for your overall safety. In that respect, smoke alarms and detectors as well as a fire sprinkler system will truly upgrade your home security in case of fire.
Image 3.jpeg
Image 3 source:
A proper smoke alarm will give you time to evacuate and call for help as soon as possible. Moreover, keeping a fire extinguisher at home is a good idea and it can assist you a lot if the fire is still small. The important thing here is to avoid panic at all cost, at least until the fire is put out.

3. Carbon-monoxide leaks

Carbon-monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, which is why it’s called a silent killer. In order to avoid poisoning, it’s essential that you tighten your home security by installing a carbon-monoxide detector. That way, you’ll know as soon as possible that you have to open up all windows and get out of the house with your family before help arrives. Under no circumstances should you try to deal with this situation on your own. Make sure to deal with the cause of this leak afterwards, be it your fireplace, stove or other appliances.

4. Floods and leaks

Image 4.jpg
Image 4 source:
This situation may not be as dangerous as the previous three, but it is still very unpleasant. Again, if your bathroom or kitchen is flooded or your toilet is overflowing, or if your drain is out of order, you shouldn’t waste too much time and energy on trying to deal with this problem alone. There’s no room for stress either. The best way to solve this issue is to leave it to the professionals. Contacting renowned plumbers in your area will undoubtedly lessen the annoying emergency of leaky pipes and unsatisfactory plumbing.

5. Electricity problems

Image 5.jpeg
Image 5 source:
In case of power outage, you should report it almost immediately. Once you do that, you should turn off all the appliances and lights in your home. It would be wise to keep LED candle lights at hand so that you can use these instead of regular candles. When the power comes back on, you should wait a couple of minutes before turning everything on again. On the other hand, you should always talk and explain to the other members of your household that touching a live electrical wire is out of question. If this does happen though, make sure to phone for an ambulance immediately as well as the power company. No matter how hard it is, do not attempt to touch the person before the electrical source is separated.
Image 6.jpeg
Image 6 source:
As you can see, in most home maintenance emergencies, what you do to avoid them and efficiently detect them before anything worse happens is the best thing you can do. What’s more, staying calm as much as possible and going by the book once something does happen is, without a doubt, the right way to act.