Monday, November 30, 2015

Crestor and the importance of controlling your high cholestore

Crestor and the best way to suppress high cholesterol 

High cholesterol is one of the most common medical issues nowadays affecting millions of people all over the globe. However, given that high cholesterol is not a disease but only biological imbalance, most of the people will neglect it, thinking that it will pass. 

Unfortunately, this is a cause for concern given that this substance can lead to big issues within an organism. It can jeopardize our system and even lead to death. 

The main reason why more and more people are suffering from this problem is the fact that our diet has changed a lot in last couple of decades. Families do not cook anymore nor do they have time for fresh and healthy diet. Instead, they prefer take-outs and fast food. 

As a result, amount of cholesterol is severely altered. It starts amassing within a body causing several issues. As if that wasn’t enough, we are not as active as our grandparents were. Most of the jobs are done from offices while sitting in a chair. 

This means that increasing amount of cholesterol has less chance of getting eliminated. Also, some other bad habits can contribute to development of the issue including alcohol and cigarettes. You can efficiently reduce it when you buy Crestor from You! Drugstore. 

Cholesterol is a substance that travels through our bloodstream. It is a fatty substance that comes in several forms. Have in mind that not every form of cholesterol is bad for the organism. Some of them can be very positive. Nevertheless, if we talk about substance in general, it helps create hormones and facilitate other metabolic processes. Issue occurs when LDL (low density lipoprotein) starts increasing within bloodstream. This happens as a result of all before mentioned factors. 

Due to its stickiness, it will start attaching to walls of the arteries. This will create plaque and reduce available space through which blood can flow. As the body starts losing necessary blood (and oxygen) certain organs will start suffering resulting in stroke or heart attack. 

Amount of cholesterol in blood can easily be checked by visiting doctor’s office. There is certain, normal value to this matter. Everything above it may pose a problem. According to doctor’s recommendation, patient will have to change his habits and to start living healthy. 

Also, in some severe cases, he may be forced to use medication. Have in mind that drugs have limited use when it comes to cholesterol. They can only control the problem but they cannot heal the body. 

Medical experts usually recommend Crestor for control and reduction of cholesterol in body. It works by reducing negative components and stimulating production of positive ones. It is necessary to perform regular blood tests while using the products. Drug is commonly used once per day. 

Sometimes, patient may be forced to stop using the drug if he has seizures, severe infection or illness, dehydration, 
surgery or medical emergency, electrolyte imbalance, severely low blood pressure. 

Nevertheless, always consult with a doctor before using this medicine.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spread Cheer with Betty Crocker & A Giveaway

Thank you Betty Crocker for sponsoring today's post and helping me #spread cheer. With Thanksgiving here (and gone) and Christmas around the corner the holiday spirit has officially taken over. Family, friends, magic, love and giving are all apart of the holidays and Betty Crocker is kicking off the season. Baking cookies is a holiday tradition and the perfect way to bond with your children. We headed off to our local Walmart and purchased our Betty Crocker cookie packs then home to get started on our easy holiday treats. 

I have the cutest little helpers for my cookie making and when I wasn't looking they were eating quite a bit of cookie dough. I loved an excuse to bake with my little girls and even thought it was messy, it was very fun. I love how easy it was to mix up. It means a lot to have something that is both easy and fun.

          The girls were able to do the majority of the mixing   (with a bit of help for the little one)

We decided to make the Betty Crocker Sugar cookies, Peanut butter and Chocolate Chip. We wanted to have enough for us and for spreading cheer plus we couldn't pick just one favorite. Walmart has great prices so choosing three was an easy choice. Betty Crocker also had many decorating options and I purchased the easy squeeze frosting for my little helpers.

My little one discovered that Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting was delicious, she taste tested, and tested and tested the frosting.

While my cookies were baking I kept my little ones busy with these adorable coloring pages and we decorated our little gift bags with these free printable tags. How better to #spreadcheer then with great tags and printables.

Once we were done decorating our cookies we put them in clear bags with beautiful green ribbon and our printable tags and went off to #spreadcheer.


Our little neighbors loved the cookies and the surprise delivery!        

Happy December to you and yours and don't forget to #Spread Cheer. Here is a coupon for the Betty Crocker Cookies just for you!

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Deal

  Today is Black Friday and the owner's of Bookroo are offering a one day only sale on their subscriptions. I have written about Bookroo and I have recommended it to many friends. It makes a great Christmas gift and the it will keep giving long after Christmas day. I love finding an original gift idea so this is top on my list. I also think this makes a really great baby gift or birthday present.

So today for one day only you can receive %25 off a three month subscription from Bookroo. Give the gift that keeps on giving and Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Idea #1

   Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and family time. Then the very next day it is time to get your shopping on. Black Friday will be busy and full of running around and getting into the magic of Christmas. I struggled this year to find Christmas gifts for the girls. At ages 2 & 4 they have so many things to play with already and I am always looking for something to keep their interest and while some toys are successful I know the one thing that always keep their interest is books.

A few months ago I was blessed to be able to do a review on BookRoo. You purchase a subscription and wrapped books arrive at your door for your little one. My girls received three books from Bookroo and even now the three books are something we read every day.

I will be posting thru the month on gifts I think that would be great for children under five years old and a BookRoo subscription would be perfect. 

Christmas is coming and I am working with Bookroo again for the holidays. Click on this link to see what Bookroo has to offer and you could add a little extra magic to your holidays.

Stay tuned because thru the month up to Christmas I will be posting gift ideas. Great items, I think will keep your kids busy and entertained thru the long, long winter.


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NeoCell Product review

        I have just finished my first bottle of NEOCELL Super Colagen + C all natural vitamin. I was skeptical at first and honestly didn't see a change in the first couple of weeks but towards the end, here is what I noticed. My hair was more full, my skin was softer and I felt better after sitting in my office chair last week. I tend to get pretty achy after a full 8 hours of sitting so this is where I noticed my biggest difference. There is no after taste and teh pills are easy to take. It does take awhile to notice the difference but I would like to think that once the vitamin is building up in your system is when the difference starts to show. 

I definitely think this is something that I would take continuously to keep up that rejuvenated feeling. This is also Non-GMO and Gluten free so it is a good fit with any kind of dietary restrictions. With NEOCELL and their commitment to quality it is a good product.

The other product I tried from NEOCELL was the Beauty Bursts in the Super Fruit Punch flavor. These were meant to be soft chews and for me I thought this was overly chewy and tough to get down at first. I really wanted to see if the Beauty Bursts could live up to the Collagen + C and I did do them separate. I didn't want to mix the effects so I could really see the affect of each one. There were 60 tabs in this package and it did take me much longer to see an effect but in the end I did see one. It was more gently than the Collagen + C but I noticed softer skin. I have issues with dry skin especially when the cold of winter approaches so the Beauty Bursts have definitely helped. 

NEOCELL has great products and something for everyone. Check them out on Facebook  or any of their social media. 

* This product was given to me to review, all opinions are my own*

Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas Decor and Coffee Giveaway.

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