Friday, January 12, 2018

Things you should know about traditional floor boards

Floors play a very important role in the look, feel and also the functionality of the space. Irrespective of whether it is about your office or your house choosing the best traditional floor boards for your needs will be essential. With too many options available selection becomes really difficult. Making a selection will be overwhelming but make sure you do not end up buying something which is costly but not very functional.  This might not work well but you may just end up spending extra money without even getting the good worth of it. Traditional floor boards and antique wooden boards for flooring are some of the best varieties which add elegance and resale value to any home. It can also enhance the overall resale value of the property. When you are out making selections for such traditional floor boards remember to look in for one which is stylish, elegant and also suits your personality well. One good thing to remember is to look out for floor which is also very easy to maintain. If not you will have to spend a lot of time in looking out for costly cleaners which might end in money wastage as well.

Traditional Floor Boards

Know what to buy:

Floors are available in various styles, types, and sizes. You should know about the basic types and also the ones which can be a little customized. There are too many options under traditional flooring but not all will look good and compliment your surrounding always. Before buying you will have to know the proper measurements as well. This will make a real big difference on how things are installed and the look which they offer. Texture and torsional rigidity are two most important factors that one should consider before the installation of the traditional floor boards. Measurement of the floor and the density of the boards need to be checked before the boards are installed.

Floor finishing:

Irrespective of whether it is timber floors, wood or any other type of traditional floor boards which you may buy, it is important for you to pay attention to the finishing. There might be some which may be polished with water based solvent whereas some would have polyurethane. You need to look into this first before any purchase. This will play a very important role in the way you wash or clean the flooring for lifelong maintenance.

Traditional Floor Boards

Cleaning and maintenance:

Make sure you do not use vinyl or any other tuff chemicals for cleaning of the traditional floor boards which you install on your premises. If you want to prevent debris from entering the house or the bets that you can do is start making use of throwaway rugs. These will be the best and will help prevent the floor from being cracked or scratched in any way. Always remember water and steam can dull the finish of the flooring and therefore it is essential for you to avoid the same.

Things not to do:

Do not over wax the traditional floor boards which you have installed. Another thing you have to remember is not making use of high heels and stilettos on such flooring type. If you have a pet see to it they do not have long nails because it can also affect the flooring material to a greater extent.  

Keeping in mind a few things and maintaining some alertness will help you prevent damaging of your traditional floor boards. Installation patterns, types, textures and color varieties are available online and people can now choose from online catalogues also, to get their flooring options done.

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